Battle System Mechanics

Medic companies are support units that consist of seventy-five soldiers trained in first-aid. They are lightly armored, usually wearing the same armor as light infantry units, but unlike light infantry, medics don't carry shields and they only have swords as sidearms for when things get problematic.

Can reduce casualties
Support all adjacent units
Almost no Damage Reduction
Poor melee skill

Always nice to be bandaged while stabbing one's enemy.
— Talvi Hein√∂, Saralian military strategist


Adjacency bonus
Adjacency bonus
Medic units are horrible at combat and should avoid getting into fights. Without armor and shields, medics have one of the lowest Damage Reduction ratings and the best place to keep them is surrounded by friendly units. That way they won't be flanked and they will be able to provide all those units with their Potions & Lotions special ability.

Potions & Lotions

If the medic unit is adjacent to another friendy unit and that unit takes damage, the medic will reduce the casualties by the amount of the units medic skill.

Medic unit
Manpower 75
Damage Reduction 5
Morale 50

Missile -

Melee 0

Barrage -

Pursuing 0

Medic 10

Repair 0

Speed 4

Range -

Ammunition -

Stealth 4


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