Magocracy of Alminthas

Alminthas, officially the Magocracy of Alminthas is a sovereign state in Southern Lethea. Alminthas is ruled by a council of mages and the country is divided into three states, Vesis, Aunas, and Heinas.   The largest city and the capital of the Magocracy of Alminthas, is Lieti. The country's other major cities are Last Hope, Heinas, and Blackstone.



Alminthas is ruled by a Volisis. The Volisis has to designate another powerful and wise mage as their heir. Heretics, infidels, people under the age of 30, and people who don't live up to social expectations are automatically ineligible for the position.

The Volisis in 1567 AA is Volisis Vasara Oloents.



Alminthian flag
The flag of Alminthas has three blue eight-sided stars on a golden background and to the right of that, three blue horizontal lines on a white background. The three eight-sided stars represent the three states that the country is divided into and the eight-sided star is a symbol for mankind. The blue lines represent the three largest and most influential rivers that flow through the country; Aunas, Vesis, and Nelsis, and the white lines are for the great cities of Lieti and Heinas. The golden background represents the fertile wheat fields of Kanispédeia.
Location of Alminthas
Geopolitical, Magocracy
Power Structure
Economic System
Mixed economy
Official Languages
Neighboring Nations

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