Kingdom of Tolden

Toldēraks Kōgrit

Sometimes I wonder if our pacifist ways are good for our people. Would we have been better off if we'd kept the old traditions alive or would we still be in this mess?
  Kingdom of Tolden is a sovereign state in Southern Lethea. Tolden is the only surviving successor state to the ancient and once-powerful Patic Kingdom. While the other successors fell or further divided themselves, the Toldenians maintained their unity by radically reforming their society. The new changes reflected the new ideals of the Panedur and allowed them to stay strong in the face of their adversaries.   The largest city and the capital of the Kingdom of Tolden, is Ulaxudar. The country's other major settlements are Yanghor and Kodir.  


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The Kingdom of Tolden used to be an absolute monarchy with an established royal family, House Kotēhot, but now things are different. After the last Kotēhot monarch died in an accident in 24 BA, the nobles of Tolden decided to elect a new monarch from their ranks. In order to satisfy everyone, they decided to hold such elections after the death of each monarch.   When the second elections were held, people understood that the new system was there to stay and they began calling Tolden an elective monarchy. Tolden uses the standardized Lethean feudal system that was created by the country's predecessor, the Patic Kingdom.          


During the election period, the patriarchs and matriarchs of the noble families of present their candidates. These candidates will be called Prince-Electors during the election campaign. Most Prince-Electors are young so that they could serve their country as the monarch as long as possible, but they also need to be intelligent and experienced. Once the election is over, and a new monarch has been publically announced, the candidates lose the title of Prince-Elector.

Patriarchs and Matriarchs

The noble houses of Tolden are controlled by venerable patriarchs and matriarchs. These figures have the power to give orders to their family members. Refusing to follow the head of your household is a serious crime. Patriarchs and matriarchs can choose their own successors, and they serve as advisors for the monarch. During elections, they have to select a candidate from their family and make them a Prince-Elector. A candidate still has to obey their patriarch or matriarch.
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The Kingdom of Tolden is one of the oldest countries in Lethea. For over four millennia the nation has existed in some form. While the other successor states of the Patic Kingdom fell and broke apart, they preserved their precious independence. Even in their darkest hour, when the states around them fell under occupation during the Invasion, the Toldenians fended off all attacks against their capital, Ulaxudar.  


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The people of Tolden had a rude awakening one fateful day in 1551 AA when the armies of the Empire of Pallernia, supported by the troops of their puppet government, Jegrim, crossed the border. The Pallernian Emperor, Hans II Pentiwichen, understood the defensive prowess of the Toldenians. He was aware that an invasion would be costly, but the armies of Empire of Pallernia could overwhelm the tiny Toldenian army eventually.   The Toldenians weren't ready for war and before they could come up with a response, Kodir fell to the Pallernians. King Tōri-Kor Napra, aware of the dire situation, summoned the matriarchs and patriarchs of Ulaxudar for a meeting. They decided to offer the Empire a deal. For the duration of King Tōri-Kor's life the Kingdom of Tolden would serve as Pallernia's ally and they would pay tribute annually.
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Founding Date
4151 BA
Geopolitical, Kingdom
Alternative Names
Toldenian Kingdom
Government System
Monarchy, Elective
Power Structure
Feudal state
Economic System
Mixed economy
Official Languages
Neighboring Nations

Land area
7,582 mi²


Active Personnel
0.5% of Pop.
Active Units


Work in Progress
General Manpower Units
General Generic 0 0
Name Type Tier
Garry LA Veteran
Jerry LI Recruit
Verry LI Recruit
Berry ME Recruit


Species Percentage
Panedur 97%
Humans 2%
Others 1%
Ethnicity Percentage
Pohturi 97%
Jegrimians 1%
Others 2%
Religion Percentage
Misotheists 91%
Hillenists 6%
Others 3%

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