Kingdom of Sarala

We have stood on the shores of these lakes for thousands of years. We have worked hard to make this land flourish, and we've lost countless brave men and women to protect it. Let us never forget their deeds for they are always watching. Making sure that we keep the old ways alive.

  The Kingdom of Sarala is a sovereign state in Southern Lethea. The country and its people have been incredibly resistant to the Abreanist religions and foreign cultural and linguistic influences. The preservation of the Saralian people and their language has been written down as one of the primary purposes of the Kingdom of Sarala. The Kingdom shares a long history with the Nehenian people since Sarala used to be under the Imperium of Qerthéllnaval for centuries before The Invasion.
  The largest city and the capital of the Kingdom of Sarala, is Tälsi. The country's other major cities are Ranta, Harris, and Läneste.


Sarala vassals

List of Vassals
Administrative Division Ruler Population Status
Eekland Duchy



Sarala is ruled by an absolute monarch who has full control over his country. If the monarch dies, the oldest member of their family will inherit the throne. If there happens to be a dispute between multiple claimants and the exact date of their birth is unclear, the Assembly of Sarala, as well as the dukes and elders of Sarala, will elect their new ruler.

The monarch in 1567 AA is King Tambet Sarap


When the monarch is away on a campaign or merely touring the countryside, the regent takes care of the state. The regent has to be someone capable and trustworthy, otherwise, they could easily attempt to overthrow the reigning monarch when they are in control of the state.

The regent in 1567 AA is Queen Elléval Anendiel Eria, the King's wife


The Assembly of Sarala

The kings and queens of Sarala employ advisors who help maintain the state more efficiently, as the absolute ruler's own expertise might not stretch indefinitely and so the help of experts is required.


The Kingdom of Sarala was founded by Tambet Käruli in the year 1986 BA, but before then, the Saralian people were divided up into multiple smaller tribes.


Title #1



Title #2


Species Percentage
Humans 91%
Vlans 4%
Panedur 3%
Others 2%
Ethnicity Percentage
Saralians 86%
Vlandish 4%
Renish 2%
Others 8%
Religion Percentage
Haltjanists 95%
Hillenists 2%
Baglamists 1%
Others 1%
Irreligious 1%
Founding Date
1986 BA
Geopolitical, Kingdom
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Power Structure
Feudal state
Economic System
Market economy
Legislative Body
Feudal Assembly of Sarala
Official State Religion
Subsidiary Organizations
Official Languages
Related Ethnicities

Land area
49,333 mi²


Active Personnel
0.1% of Pop.
Active Units


Saralian Expeditionary Army
General Manpower Units
Kulle Ralv 630 4
Name Type Tier
2nd Metsavärtija Retinue MA Veteran
Keikma Company LI Trained
2nd Harris Company LI Trained
Virapä Medic Company ME Trained

Tälsi Army
General Manpower Units
Tambet Sarap 1080 6
Name Type Tier
1st Metsavärtija Retinue MA Elite
- HI Trained
- HI Trained
- LA Trained
- HC Trained
- BM Trained


Character flag image: Flag of Sarala
  • 1986 BA

    1944 BA

    King Tambet Käruli
    Life, Career

    Additional timelines
  • 1944 BA

    235 BA

    Qerthéllnavalic Governors
    Life, Career

    Additional timelines
  • 1239 AA

    1278 AA

    Queen Talvi Sarap
    Life, Career

    Additional timelines
  • 1278 AA

    1298 AA

    King Lembitu Sarap
    Life, Career

    Additional timelines
  • 1298 AA

    1342 AA

    King Tambet Sarap
    Life, Career

    Additional timelines
  • 1342 AA

    1360 AA

    King Vello Sarap
    Life, Career

    Additional timelines
  • 1360 AA

    1369 AA

    King Tambet Sarap
    Life, Career

    Additional timelines
  • 1369 AA

    1397 AA

    Queen Sofia Sarap
    Life, Career

    Additional timelines
  • 1397 AA

    1428 AA

    King Vesse Sarap
    Life, Career

    Additional timelines
  • 1428 AA

    1458 AA

    Queen Tuuli Sarap
    Life, Career

    Additional timelines
  • 1458 AA

    1501 AA

    King Valdur Sarap
    Life, Career

    Additional timelines
  • 1501 AA

    1536 AA

    King Pihl Sarap
    Life, Career

    Additional timelines
  • 1536 AA

    King Tambet Sarap
    Life, Career

    Additional timelines


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