Karl the Goat

Not Actually a Goat

Them sails across the waves don't carry our red banner. Lads, it appears the time has come to remind the posh southerners a lesson they seem to have forgotten all too soon.
— Karl, 1540 AA
  Karl the Goat was a shepherd on Sarzin, an island belonging to the Peasants' Republic of Aussel. He rose to the spotlight during the start of the Sarzin Conflict, a war between his homeland and the invading forces of the Aristocratic Republic of Rueken. Under his leadership, the local militia dealt an embarrassing amount of casualties upon the attacking knights, until the island's militiamen were eventually driven into the countryside and hunted down.

Early Life

Born in the year 1503, Karl grew up in troubled times. His home in Teuholz had been under the rule of Rueken, and Aussel was but a region of the aristocratic republic. As he reached his early teenage years, the peasants of Aussel rose to resist the nobility and the heretical Baglamist faith that the nobles had openly adopted.   Karl’s father, who was a devout Hillenist and an idol to his son, answered the call to war and he and the other villagers sailed to the front, never to return again. His father was posthumously awarded with the metal of liberty, an award given to those who sacrificed themselves for the freedom of the Ausselian peasants.

The Sarzin Conflict

Following the Ausselian War of Independence, Karl grew up and picked up his father's old profession, becoming a shepherd of goats and sheep. In his early 20s he found a woman who would later become his wife while selling his pelts in the marketplace of Steendern. Life for them was good, and living on the island meant that they avoided all the political strife that plagued the mainland. Things would one day change, however, when the islanders spotted yellow banners sailing toward them on the horizon.    

Battle of Teuholz

Tragedy arrived on the shores of Sarzin when a few Ruekish ships arrived to blockade their port. Karl had spotted the vessels while looking after his herd on a hilltop, and as soon as he noticed the colour of the banners, he rushed towards the village.   Karl, who had been the senior-most member of the local militia band, gathered his folk and readied to defend the settlement.   Seeing the small force of enemy knights disembark had taken its toll on the defenders’ morale, but they were determined to defend their homes in the battle of Teuholz. During the engagement the militia inflicted heavy casualties on their foes and Karl even killed the leader of the attackers before calling the retreat and fleeing to the countryside.
peasant killing.jpg
by Ms Roy C VII in the British Museum

Capture and Death

Forced to flee from the field of battle, Karl and his fellow militiamen tried to hide along the countryside. They couldn’t return home immediately, as they feared that such an act would put their families in harm’s way. Most of them hoped that the Ruekish would forget their faces in a few days or weeks and so they could slowly slip back into normal civilian life.  


After Sarzin’s liberation by Ausselian forces, a statue of Karl the Goat was raised at the centre of Teuholz and he was posthumously awarded the same medal that his father had received.

Karl the Goat kept up the fight against the invaders with a small band of militiamen for around a week, but eventually one of his former companions sided with the enemy. Karl’s band fell into a trap and he found himself in chains and awaiting the crucifiction which came not long after.
1503 AA 1540 AA 37 years old
Circumstances of Death
Biological Sex
Light brown
Jet black, receding hairline
Skin Tone
1.77 m
72.7 kg
Known Languages
Ausselian Ruekic
Service years
Sarzin Militia Company
Medal of Liberty
Character Portrait image: by Maxime Agnelli


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