Heavy Infantry

Battle System Mechanics

Heavy infantry companies are units that consist of a hundred and fifty heavily armed and armored soldiers. Due to the cost all of their equipment, heavy infantry units are mostly composed of wealthier individuals or professional soldiers who have earned enought to afford the necessary gear. Heavy infantry units wear metal armor such as mail or a full suit of plate armor. What weapons they use and wheater or not they have to use shields in up to the unit's leader.

Great in melee combat
Good against other infantry units
Poor movement speed
Easy to flank with cavalry

Cold and hard on the outside, gentle and warm within.
— Epp Rantanan, Saralian poet


Heavy infantry companies are at their best when fighting against weaker melee units such as light infantry. Their main method of inflicting casualties on their enemies is a simple melee attack. Because heavy infantry units have a lot of Damage Reduction and high Morale, they can be used to hold off enemies for a long period of time.

Heavy infantry can also pursue fleeing units but due to their poo movement speed, their enemies tend to get away without taking too many casualties.

Heavy Infantry unit
Manpower 150
Damage Reduction 20
Morale 80

Missile -

Melee 10

Barrage -

Pursuing 0

Medic -

Repair 0

Speed 2

Range -

Ammunition -

Stealth 2


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