Heavy Cavalry

Battle System Mechanics

Heavy cavalry squadrons are units that consist of a hundred and fifty brave soldiers, usual nobles in state-run armies and rich mercenaries in private military companies. Both the mounts and the soldiers who ride on them are clad in heavy armor and the warriors tend to wield lances, spears, sabers, and other melee weapons that suit their demands.

Great in melee combat
Excellent for flanking
High upkeep costs
Difficult to acquire

Armed and on horseback, 'tis a wonderful way to live.
— Verti Vertinan, famous explorer


Cavalry unit ability
Hammer & Anvil
Heavy cavalry squadrons are at their best when used to charge foes from behind. Their special ability allows them to do double damage and their highly skilled soldiers are great in a melee fight. Thanks to their high damage reduction, heavy cavalry can endure a lot, but that doesn't mean they should just stay in a fight until one side wins. Cavalary can always disengage from a fight and outmaneuver the enemy infantry, allowing them to get into more advantageous positions that will allow them to charge from behind again.

Heavy cavalry units are also good at running down fleeing opponents and their pursuing skill is trumped only by the light cavalry's.

Heavy Hammer & Anvil

Charging a stationary unmounted unit from behind will result in 100% more damage.

Heavy Cavalry unit
Manpower 150
Damage Reduction 20
Morale 80

Missile -

Melee 10

Barrage -

Pursuing 5

Medic -

Repair 0

Speed 6

Range -

Ammunition -

Stealth 2


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