Grand Duchy of Jegrim

Jegrim, officially the Grand Duchy of Jegrim is a puppet state in Southern Lethea. Jegrim was a proud, independent nation a few generations ago, but now it’s ruled by a Pentiwichen from the Empire of Pallernia. The local Jegrimians are discontent but lack the means to liberate themselves. For centuries their people have relied on the Bokker and Nileer rivers for both transportation and defense and the city of Toffin stood as a proud monument of their achievements, but recently, the demographics have been shifting. More and more foreigners are inhabiting the old capital and the Jegrimians have been forced to serve as serfs.

The largest city and the capital of the Grand Duchy of Jegrim, is Toffin. The country's other major city is Kine.


Geopolitical, Protectorate
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Power Structure
Client state / puppet state
Economic System
Mixed economy
Official Languages
Neighboring Nations

Cover image: Among the Sierra Nevada, California by Albert Bierstadt


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