Elianora Gernwichen

Elianora Gernwichen (a.k.a. Elly)

Elianora Gernwichen is one of the main characters of my 2018 National Novel Writing Month novel. I will continue to add more information about her as I write the book.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Early Life

Elianora Gernwichen was born on the 13th of Nivlayavar, 1546 AA. Her father was Baron Ernst of Nelbrack and her mother was Beatrix Tolterhen. She grew up along with her older brother and the current Baron of Nelbrack, Albrecht.

Elianora's childhood had been good. Both her parents loved her and she had a friendly brother who played with her and taught her everything he had learned under the tutelage of Sehenian scholar Hlyé Eléld. There weren't any other children of her age in court, so her brother had become her only friend. At the age of six, Elianora asked her father if she could choose what she wanted to learn, on her own without either him nor her mother making that decision. Baron Ernst agreed and two weeks later, Hlyé Eléld began teaching her all she wanted to know.

Vitality Magic

When puberty struck, Elianora's life changed for the worst. Right after her twelfth birthday, she began suffering from regular nosebleeds. It didn't take her family long to figure out what had happened to her. Elianora had been born a vitality mage, also known as a vitaemancer, and to be a vitality mage in the Empire of Pallernia was punishable by death. Baron Ernst tried his best to hide her terrible secret, and her brother, although still good friends with her, tried keeping more of a distance than before. Elianora's mother wasn't quite as accepting of her daughter's condition, but in order to preserve the Gernwichens good reputation, she chose to keep the secret.

In 1560 AA, Elianora's father went to the Duchy of Hardisle, but whilst sailing there, a Stunthi raiding fleet had spotted his vessel and all on board his ship, including Ernst himself, had perished. When reports of what had happened got back to their family, Elianora's brother, Albrecht, was declared the new Baron of Nelbrack. Around the same time, Elianora's mother began doubting whether or not the person in the castle who looked and talked like her daughter, was that, or something more sinister.

Journey to Ebersted

Years later, Beatrix had become convinced that Elianora was a threat to her, Albrecht, and everyone else in Nelbrack. By calling on several favors with the generals of the Pallernian army, Elianora's mother persuaded the generals to invite her son to serve as an officer in the Grand Duchy of Jegrim. Refusing such a generous request would have been seen as a cowardly act, and so Albrecht accepted and traveled north, but before leaving, he also helped Elianora pack her things and sent her to Ebersted, so that she could live away from her mother.


Elianora Gernichen was tutored by the esteemed Sehenain professor Hlyé Eléld. Under his tutelage, she learned about bookkeeping, mathematics, history, and etiquette. During her free time, she studied religion and political philosophy.


Wilhelm af Ebersted

Friend (Important)

Towards Elianora Gernwichen



Elianora Gernwichen

Friend (Important)

Towards Wilhelm af Ebersted




Elianora and Wilhelm briefly met each other in the Crimson Stiletto on the 16th of Tiennor, 1565 AA. The two met again on the 18th underneath the city in a strange and ancient sewer system. From that point onward, their journey and relationship began to develop.

Year of Birth
1546 AA 21 Years old
Nelbrack Castle, County of Solbitz, Empire of Pallernia
Biological Sex
Light brown
Shoulder length, light brown
62 kg
182 cm
Known Languages
Pallernic, Sehenian, Vivernian

Cover image: Among the Sierra Nevada, California by Albert Bierstadt


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