Ebersted is one of the largest cities in the Empire of Pallernia. It is located north of the capital, Aurkustel and is next to the Hegli river.


Residents by species (1567 AA)

Species Percentage
Humans 97%
Others 3%

Residents by ethnicity (1567 AA)

Ethnicity Percentage
Pallernians 91%
Liklanders 3%
Oltlander 2%
Others 4%


The city of Ebersted is governed by a local mayor who directly serves his superior, Ruprecht Aliswichen, the Count of Ebersted. The mayor makes most of the decisions and collects the taxes, sending a sizable portion of what his people collect back to the Count. With what they can keep, the city invests into better defenses, roads, or whatever else the mayor and his advisors deem necessary.


The city is surrounded by tall walls and there are four gatehouses, one of which leads to the Riverside district, one of the only exposed parts of the city, the other being the slums on the eastern side of the walls. The local counts castle is tall and offers much protection, making the city even more difficult to assault.


Ebersted has a strong fishing industry, but most of the nets that the locals produce and the fish that they catch, go to the city's central market, and very little gets traded to other settlements. Besides the fishing, the city's clergy produces many books, both copies of older ones as well as their own creations.


A well-maintained road from the capital of Pallernia leads up to the city, allowing for the transportation of goods to be effortless. The main street benefits from this road and it goes all the way from the southern gate to the northeastern gate. All of the other roads are less good, still made of stone, but more rough.

Guilds and Factions

The Crimson Stiletto, a shadowy organization disguised as a normal inn, moved to the city around 20 years ago.

The Inquisition of Athe is also present in the city. Their Inquisitors have been assisting the guards and the Count of Ebersted has allowed them to act as if they were formal Ebersteder guards, giving them the authority to arrest and kill if need be. The Knight-Inquisitor is charge of them is Diederich Vikehol.

Natural Resources

Ebersted has access to the Hegli river and from there they get all of their fish. The Lestver forest is also close to the settlement, but the townsfolk have already harvested all they could from the outskirts of the forest, and they lack the bravery to go deeper.

Inhabitant Demonym
Ruprecht Aliswichen
Characters in Location

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