Second Month of the Year

Bricteril is the 2nd month of the year in the Hillenistic Calendar. The name comes from the Aiterean words for second month. There are 24 days within the month, and it is preceded by Gileiqteril and followed by Gihppēh.  

Significant Events

  • Kingdom of Pallernen unites with Rustilia-Hardisle (Bricteril 16, 771 AA
  • End of the Ausselian War of Independence (Bricteril 11, 1517 AA)
  • End of the Bloodleaf War between Helendriel and Vivernia (Bricteril 10, 1554 AA)
  • Hillenistic Calendar
    Generic article | Dec 28, 2020

    The Hillenistic calendar is the most popular calendar system on the continent of Lethea


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