Baglamist Church

The Baglamistic Church, also known as the Church of Saint Baglam, is the second largest Abreanist church in the world. The church isn't lead by a single person.

Baglamistic Interpretations of Abrea's Teachings

Mages should be allowed to practice and hone their skills and talents without government interference as long as no one is harmed in the process.
Aggressively converting infidels and heretics is unethical.
All who follow the Lady of the Lake's teachings can interpret her messages.
Members of the clergy shouldn't be allowed to marry and they ought to remain celibate.
The Amber Lady preached about being kind to others and so to spread kindness all forms of love between consenting adults who aren't related is allowed.
Homosexuality isn't healthy and shouldn't be tolerated.

Baglamistic Kirijks

There are three types of religious buildings where people can go and worship Abrea, these buildings are called kirijks. Each kirijk is lead by a kirijksus. Baglamist kirijksuses don't have an Alstirsus to serve and so they dictate what happens to their local kirijk without any interference. Nobles usually don't bother them, unless the kirijksus happens to bother the nobles.


A large building with a big public bathroom and multiple private baths for religious contemplation.


A large building where funeral ceremonies are held and where the dead are buried under.


A small building where people go to worship. Usually built in smaller settlements where wettkirijks and foarkirijks are unavailable.

Founding Date
1349 AA
Religious, Organised Religion
Parent Organization
Permeated Organizations
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