Battle System Mechanics

Artillery focus on dealing a lot of damage from a great distance, but without supply units, artillery units won't be useful after they've spent all of their ammunition since an artillery battery only consists of ten soldiers and compared to a unit of 150 men with proper hand-to-hand combat equipment, the artillery battery wouldn't stand a chance in a straight up melee fight. Artillery units are also slow, but in case of an emergency, the soldiers can drop the artillery and run at a faster speed.

Great long-range damage
Supply units can provide more ammunition
Devastating for enemy morale
Almost no Damage Reduction
Very slow when carrying artillery

They come, they go. They try but then fail. Our guns still haunt their minds so frail.
— Toprki of Vator Avi


Artillery damage radius
To perform a barrage attack with artillery, the commander has to choose a hex that the artillery battery can target. This hex has to be within range and since most Lethean armies use towed artillery, the target doesn't need to be in sight. Once the target has been chosen, the battery will prepare to barrage the hex. The attack will happen at the start of the artillery battery's next turn and all units damaged by it will take double morale damage.

The unit within the hex will take 100% of the damage and the surrounding units will take half of that.

Most artillery and battlemage units have the Artillery Barrage special ability.

Artillery Barrage

This unit can do a barrage attack against an enemy unit in sight. The enemy will take 1d100 + (barrage stat + other bonuses) damage and the attack will bypass all Damage Resistance. This ability costs 4 ammunition.

Artillery unit
Manpower 10
Damage Reduction 6
Morale 40

Missile -

Melee 0

Barrage 15

Pursuing -

Medic -

Repair 0

Speed 1/4

Range 50

Ammunition 6

Stealth 3

Cover image: Among the Sierra Nevada, California by Albert Bierstadt


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