Battle System Mechanics

Archer units can inflict a lot of casualties to approaching foes, especially if they have the high ground as the elevation provides them with an increase to their range statistic. Their overall range and damage are lower than the artillery’s, but archers can carry more ammo and therefore rely less on supply units. Both crossbowmen and archers go under this category.

Good medium-range damage
Can carry more ammunition than artillery
Low Damage Reduction
Poor melee skill

It's over enemy infantry, we have the high ground!
— Captain Palo Magecci


Archers can attack with their missile weapons or if they run out of ammunition, their melee weapons. When performing missile attacks the enemy unit has to be in sight and in range.

Being on elevated terrain improves an archer company's range by 100%, so if a unit normally has a range of 4 hexes, with one extra level of elevation they will have a range of 8 and if they are even higher, they will have a range of 12 hexes.

The extended range only applies to targets that are on lower elevations than the archer unit. If the archers are on a hill and target other units on a different hill that's around the same height, then they will only have their default range. Attacking a target on a higher elevation uses the archer unit's default range.
Archer unit range

Archer unit
Manpower 150
Damage Reduction 12
Morale 65

Missile 10

Melee 2

Barrage -

Pursuing 0

Medic -

Repair 0

Speed 4

Range 4

Ammunition 8

Stealth 3


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