The Common Tongue of Southern Lethea

As our God's word spreads, so shall the tongue of her people!
Alstiseria Reili Halonsis, 157 AA
  Ambrelic is the native language of the Ambrelians. It is believed to be a language isolate as it is completely different from the Pallernic languages that the neighbours of the Ambrelians speak. When Abreanism began to spread throughout Southern Lethea, the language of the clergy spread with it. By the 3rd century, Ambrelic had become the common language that the Abreanist used for communication.


Common Tongue

After the supposed events of the Ascension of Hillen, the new branch of Abreanism, Hillenism, became popular across Southern Lethea. Around a century after Hillenism had been founded, the Alstirsus, declared that Ambrelic would be language of the clergy.
Ambrelic has by now become the common language of Southern Lethea. It is taught in nearly every country and in some, learning the language is a requirement. Diplomats, nobles, merchants, and other such important people are all expected to speak Ambrelic.


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The origins of the language are foggy at best. One of the only things that linguists have agreed upon is that Ambrelic existed in the region far before the arrival of the Pallernic peoples. As new people migrated in to the lush and fertile Tellaiti subcontinent, the Ambrelians were driven back.   Some believe that their language wasn't unique and that there were others like them. Others who failed to defend their lands from the newcomers and were either killed or assimilated.


32 Words.
Spoken by
Common Phrases
Rakan a epe galdo! - I love my spouse! Rakan a ter! - I love you!
Word order Verb-Subject-Object
Consonants ʋ r h k b t p g l d s n m
Vowels ɑ e æ i u o ø

Common Idioms

Dawn is wiser than dusk.
An idiom often said to people to encourage them to sleep before making an important decision.   "Think about it once you've rested. Dawn is wiser than dusk after all!"   Lake-like.
Used to describe attractive people. The idiom refers to Lake Amber which is widely considered one of the most beautiful locations in the world.   "The bartender is very lake-like, that apron looks great on him!"   Shoot the leg.
A phrase said when referring to quickly leaving something, such as an event, person, or building.   "I'm a bit bored. Mind if I shoot the leg?"

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