Swarm and Overwhelm

Aberati Rivii (Riv or Rivs) are a small and agile species of aberati. They were used effectevily during The Invasion by the Invader who used them overwhelm the enemy and to pursue anyone who tried to flee. Now they hide in the dark corners of the world, recovering their numbers and occasionally launching raids against weak and isolated villages.

Basic Information

Genetics and Reproduction

Female Aberati Rivii lay eggs in dark damp environments and then look over them for a few days. If they find an egg that seems to be discoloured or smaller then the others the female will eat it to keep all hatchlings healthy.

Ecology and Habitats

In order to hide from the rest of the world, the Aberati Rivii live in the depths of dank caves, the ruins of isolated towns and villages, and other, preferably damp and isolated, places where they can reproduce and get food. The Rivs avoid areas such as the Red Wastes and other extremely hot environments since those places lack the damp conditions required for their reproduction.

Dietary Needs and Habits


According to many of the survivors of The Invasion and other conflicts with the Aberati, their favourite food is their freshly killed prey. It's been reported that the Rivs also catch and eat fish, but only when they are in hiding and can't get anything else.


Despite their love for meat, the Aberati Rivii love the taste and smell of honey. They try keeping it in their lairs and if they have enough of honey, they submerge the fresh raw meat of their victims in it for several hours before consuming the flesh.
As the battle began I looked around and all I saw were frightened children. They must all be dead or drowning in honey by now.
— Bloodcovered Journal, 141 BA

Additional Information

Average Intelligence

Aberati Rivii have their basic survival instincts that guide them but what makes them different from other insects and animals is that all of them have the ideals and aspirations of the Aberati burned into their brains. As soon as they've hatched they will know that their life purpouse is to help their fellow Aberati to subjucate the other, or as they call them "lesser", species of Lethea.

They communicate with each other by making strange clicking sounds and many scholars have theorised that they also have some sort of telepathic abilities that allow them to recieve orders from other species of Aberati. Wheather they use that ability to communicate with other Aberati Rivii is unknown and scholars have been arguing over the topic for over a thousand years.

Civilization and Culture


The Discovery

Aberati Rivii were first discovered by the Zheans who uncovered a cave full of them and their eggs near one of their great temples. As the Zheans were not aware of the existence of other Aberati and their goals, they assumed that they had just discovered some sort of a monstrously large insect species that just happened to have resided next to their temple. The Zheans continued to investigate the eggs, but were surprised that none of the adult insects had come to protect their eggs.

They had made the assumption that this new species was nomadic in nature and that they occasionally used dark and damp caves to lay their eggs in. As more came to inspect the eggs the adult Aberati Rivii charged them from behind, emerging out of trees and bushes to trap nearly every last scholar in the cave. Only a few managed to escape by running far enough and jumping into a river.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Scientific Name
Aberati Rivii
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Male - Maroon underbelly, dark grey plates on their backs
Female - Golden underbelly, dark grey plates on their backs


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