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Peasantry Homes

Due to the sudden increase of the population needed to work farms and such to feed larger cities and castles a more mobile home became popular. The Peasantry home or better know as a hut was a convenient way for families to set up quickly in a new area. If they did well they could start building a real home if it was not to be they could simply tear it down and salvage the wood to move to another location.   The major flaw of the structure was the materials it was made out of. The straw needed to be changed often as it the walls and ceiling would dry and could catch fire, while the mats on the floors hid insects like fleas and ticks.   The basic poor house design changed little during the 400s and 500s AD as most disparate tribes finally were absorbed or died off. But the version of the peasantry homes was known to have been still built by the settlers of the new continent due to their ease of assembly.

Purpose / Function

Keep the family out of the elements and protect their animals from bandits or predators in the night.


Peasantry homes tend to be variations of a common theme. Four to eight long pieces of wood in an upside down V shape lashed by twin or leather to a center pole as the top. Then covered with a mixture of sticks, straw, and mud to form a roof.   The more uncommon was a squared-off design that took more time to build and was harder to maintain due to the water collecting on the flat roof.   Doors on both ends were constructed very similarly, most not hinged but designed so the whole end comes loose to be leaned against the side of the house.
Alternative Names


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