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The Book of Duna

Duna's commands to the people of Emtia were simple: To love one another and work together for the betterment of each other and their community. No slavery, no murder, or anything else that would challenge their way of life. ~ Saita, The First Emtian
  The Book of Duna was written by Saita in the year 346. It tells of how The Kamsi, made up of the gods Duna, Lina, and Xana, created the land, the seas, the skies, and then details how Duna created Emtia.


For many centuries, the story of Duna's creation was passed by word of mouth by both the first unicorns and the first Emtians. Somewhere around the 300s is when Emtians began to adopt the common tongue. To preserve the information for future generations, they decided to make a written account in both Old Emtian and in the common language.

Document Structure

Publication Status

As of 878 it has become clandestine.

Historical Details


This document, or book, is simply the written account of Duna's creation and what his commands for the people of Emtia are. It was written in both Old Emtian and in the Common Tongue so that future generations would know about where they came from.


The book was well received and well loved among the Emtians. In 878, when Darad and his men invade, they burn every copy of the book that they can find. Very few copies remain among the Emtian slaves, and they keep those copies as secret and hidden from the invaders as they can.
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6 Jul, 2018 22:35

Whoa, I love being able to read a full excerpt from the book. That makes the whole thing come alive. Very curious about the secret, too.

Constance Watson
6 Jul, 2018 23:29

You gotta be a Patreon patron to get the secret, haha. :D

6 Jul, 2018 22:55

I was so excited to learn your world has unicorns! The pop up excerpt for the full document was well placed, and I loved the names you came up for your gods and creatures. Very nice!

Constance Watson
6 Jul, 2018 23:31

I know, I love my unicorns. I'm just sad the story starts with their disappearance, hahaha. I need to hurry up and finish writing this book so I can get back to the unicorns! Thank you! :)

6 Jul, 2018 23:00

This definitely makes an interesting creation story. The excerpt provided is a nice bonus, too - Is that the full book, or just a part of it?

Constance Watson
6 Jul, 2018 23:27

For the moment it's the full book. As the story progresses it's possible that someone will add to it, to record what happened with Darad. At the current time in the world Darad has just invaded, so that may be a while yet.   There is also a Book of Lina and a Book of Xana, I believe, for the other two gods, but they're not available in Emtia right now.

7 Jul, 2018 18:02

Lovely article, Nice use of the template !. Keep up the good work

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7 Jul, 2018 18:13

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