What's Going on?

The Region

The Lesho Region is a region of the Pokémon world. Like all the known regions, it has its own Pokémon League, where trainers must beat eight strong trainers, known as gym leaders, in order to obtain their badges. With a collection of eight badges, a trainer can go on to challenge the Pokémon League, where they have to fight a series of four elite trainers, known as The Elite Four, before they can challenge the current Champion and claim their title. Learn more:
Lesho Region
Geographic Location | Dec 6, 2018

The Region, in which your adventure takes place

The Pokémon

In the Lesho region, there is a wide array of Pokémon to catch: Over 150 species of wild Pokémon traverse the Lesho Region. A handful of Pokémon are even unique to this region - or at least not yet seen anywhere else. Some of them are as follows:
Species | Dec 7, 2018

The Water Type Starter Pokémon

Species | Dec 9, 2018

The Fire Type Starter Pokémon

Species | Dec 7, 2018

The Grass Type starter Pokémon

The Adventure

Of course, this region is not entirely harmless. And the gym challenge in of itself is already an exciting adventure. YOU decided to go onto this adventure. YOU make the decisions here, by taking part in the polls on Discord (WA Discord, @Kelban#7597 to tell me if you wanna get informed). You have just gained the first badge, and are on your way to Scraper City to gain the second one. Start here to read the adventure:
Chapter 1: Cinnamon's Lab
Prose | Dec 20, 2018

Chapter 1 of your adventure through the Lesho region.

Or read the most recent chapter here:
Chapter 10: The Crossington Gym

Imminent Danger

The gyms are not the only challenge on your journey. If you want to know about the biggest threat to the region, start reading this chapter.


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A world primer is a great way to get your world out there. This is fantastic! Think of it like this, someone comes up to you and says "Tell me about your world" and you can hand them this primer as like a leaflet.

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