West City


West City is known for two big branches of industry: Hardware and waste.


West City's hardware market is dominated by West Corps. The entire city exclusively produces hardware for regional use, most of it being mainframe computers for the software industry. The biggest mainframe computer of the region is also located under West City.


The entire waste of the region lands in the West Island Dump, which is located west of West City. The collection of the waste as well as the recycling process is a whole branch of West City's industry, distributed over many different companies.


West City is the central of the regional sewer system. The streets in West City are without exception well suited for all kinds of trucks, cars, and motorcycles. Two bridges lead from West City to the West Island Dump. The electric power in West City is partially drawn from the southern power plant in Movehill Town, and partially from the northern power plant in Crossington, since the leftovers from Scraper City are little.


Besides the typical Pok├ęcenter, West City is also home to the West Corps Hardware Factory, the West Island Dump, a gym lead by Leader Amanita, and a whole lot of other factories.

Guilds and Factions

The Trade Clan, which West Corps is a part of, has its main site in West City. It is a guild of powerful trade companies who form alliances to optimize their profit.


The settlement is mostly characterized by big grey blocks. Some blocks are also made of red bricks, and some rare buildings of West City also have sloping roofs. But in general, the city is one big business park.

Inhabitant Demonym
West Citizen
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Lesho Region
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