Vivo Cinnamon (a.k.a. The Rival)

Now that mom finally gave us our Pokémon, let's see whose one is stronger!
— Vivo

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Cinnamon Jr. is a healthy child. She is well trained and agile, has a good hygiene and no allergies. Her body is comparatively slim and small for her age, but nothing out of the ordinary.

Body Features

Vivo's bright skin only gets disturbed by the freckles on her face and the barely visible scuffs on her feet, that she got from walking barefoot all the time. Her long ginger-brown hair is usually tied on the lower end to a plait. Her body form is that of a usual slim child - no gender-defining features are visible yet.

Apparel & Accessories

Vivo loves the colors of the Ocean: blue, green and violet are her preferred clothing colors. She also never throws away torn clothes, but instead patches them - or has her mother do so - and keeps wearing them. In fact, patched clothes are her favorite, as they are usually more colorful. She also keeps a collection of ocean-colored hair ties in her pockets at all times.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

As your and Vivo's journey is just starting, there is not much of a personal history to talk about yet. The only significant thing that happened so far in her life is the fact that she has no father - at least none that she knows.


Everything that Cinnamon Jr. knows was taught to her by her mother, Professor Yenene Cinnamon. She learned how to breed Pokemon, how to document their behaviour, and how to treat them. Now, it's time to learn how to use them in battle.

Personality Characteristics


I want to be the very best, like noone ever was (dun dun, dudun)
To catch them is my real test, to train them is my cause...
— Season one Pokemon anime opening

Likes & Dislikes

Vivo deeply dislikes socks and shoes, because she finds them disgusting. She also avoids huge masses of people, out of fear someone would step on her bare feet with their heavy shoes.

Personality Quirks

Vivo, just like her mother, tends to talk very quickly and without pause. Unlike her mother, though, she manages to control this quick tongue without stumbling. She also tends to throw her Pokéball with all of her force to the ground when using it, and shout out the names of her Pokémon and their moves very loudly. She sees every battle as a performance, and herself as the actress.



Daughter (Vital)

Towards Prof. Cinnamon



Prof. Cinnamon

Mother (Vital)

Towards Vivo



Current Location
Year of Birth
10 Y.a.
Current Residence
Biological Sex
Purple, large and energetic
Ginger-red-brown, usually tied to a long plait
130 cm
28 kg
Quotes & Catchphrases
If you can't beat me, you stand no chance against...
This time I won't lose.
Character Prototype
Young Luna Lovegood, but louder


Author's Notes

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