The Champion


Whoever wants to become a Pokémon League champion needs to be a very good Pokémon trainer. In fact, they are supposed to be the best Pokémon trainer of the entire region. Additionally, they should be generally trust-worthy, as decided by the current Pokémon League.


The champion of the Lesho Region can only be a person who has beaten the former champion, was chosen by The Pokémon League unanimously, has a current full team of battle-ready Pokémon, and lived in the Lesho Region for at least 80% of the time in the last 5 years.


The champion of the Lesho Region has two main duties: Fighting challengers, and keeping peace.

Fighting Challengers

Whoever manages to beat all eight Gym Leaders of the Lesho Region and obtain their Badges is allowed to challenge the Pokémon League itself. They then have to fight the entire Elite Four AND the Champion in one sitting. People who take on this challenge are already being watched by the entire nation, both because of fame and for national security reasons.
Then, when someone beats the Pokémon Leauge challenge, they get increased rights throughout the region, making them essentially second champions. They are then also often asked for help by the Pokémon League and the National Police.

Keeping Peace

The champion of the Lesho Region is the head of the regional executive organ. It is their job to punish criminals, restore peace in local communities, and fight organizations that would try to cause harm to the region. Their current main target is The Trade Clan.


The Pokémon League champion is allowed general access to all PokémonCenters and gyms at all times, also during crises. They can also in special cases get access to all private buildings, if well reasoned.

Civic, Political
Alternative Naming
Head of country Executive
Source of Authority
The Pokémon League
Length of Term
Lifetime, or until voluntary retirement
Related Locations
Related Organizations


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@ R3negade X
R3negade X
15 Dec, 2018 23:01

Very nice! So, is this your own Pokemon RPG, and if so, how many players are you planning on having join, if any?

15 Dec, 2018 23:07

I'm not making an RPG for this, or at least it's not planned. BUT it is a community project, and if YOU want to be the protagonist of the adventure you can join my Discord and take part in community votes.