Route 7

Route 7 connects the Thunder Mountains to Crossington. The area is just a huge rice field, with only one public main road leading through it. It is usually traversed by farmers and merchants.


Route 7 is located North-East of the Thunder mountains. The descend is shallow, just enough for the classic stair-formed rice fields going down from South to North. The fields are supplied with an artificial redirection of the Crossing River.

Fauna & Flora

The fauna of this region is a wild mixture of Pokémon from the Thunder Mountains, from Route 6, as well as from Crossington itself: Aron and Noibat come here from the Thunder Mountains, Staravia and Nuzleaf come from the South, and Klink come from Crossington.

Natural Resources

Rice. A LOT of Rice. Although some pepper fields find their ways in between here in Route 7, rice is the big market here, since it is the only slope that has the right angle for rice fields while also not being too cold for them to grow.

Alternative Name(s)
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Lesho Region
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