Route 6


Route 6 connects the Thunder Mountains with Color City. It is mostly farmland, cultivated by citizens of Color City, but also partially by people living on the Route itself. For some reason, the fields of Route 6 are mostly unaffected by the electromagnetic pulses emanated by the Thunder Mountains.
The slope of Route 6 is shallow. The fields around here are wet and fertile, supplied with water directly from Color River. The route is traversed by farmers and aroma ladies.

Flora & Fauna

Route 6 is inhabited by Pokémon that thrive in the fertile farm environment and enjoy the access to both fresh water and unblocked sunshine. Vileplume and Nuzleaf are prime candidates for this, since they mostly feed by photosynthesis. Additionally, Comfey, Flabébé and Floette enjoy the flowers that are grown on the fields, picking their favorites for their respective collections. Wurmple also enjoy this route, feeding off the fields as kind of parasites, and are unwelcome by the surrounding farmers. Since there are no woods to attach to as a Cocoon, high leveled unevolved Wurmple can only be found here.

Natural Resources

Route 6 is the main area for fields of rice and spices. The list goes from Ginger, Pepper, Chilli, Nutmeg and Cumin all the way to cardamon and even cinnamon, which grows in a far off forest to the East, only accessible through Route 6. Besides that, it is also the main supplier of flowers for local events, since importing flowers from far away is rarely possible due to their short lifespan.
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Lesho Region
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