Protector of the Mountains

It is said that, since times immemorial, the three mountain ranges of the Lesho Region are home to the protectors of Pokémon. It is said that, whoever damaged or abused the Pokémon, or whatever tried to harm them, would be devastated by a natural catastrophe.
In the North-West of the region, the Hot Isle is the home to the protector of the volcano. They control when the volcano breaks out, and when the hot springs of the Hot Isles target individuals. Whenever the volcano breaks out, it is said to be punishing someone who sacrificed a Pokémon in it.
In the center of the region, there are the Thunder Mountains. They are said to be inhabited by the protector of the storm. Whenever someone harms or abuses Pokémon directly, it is said that it emits strong Electromagnetic field or ray from the mountain to punish them.
In the South East of the region, there is the Naodesa Mountains. It is said that the protector who inhabits these mountains will wipe out entire landscapes, if people destroyed the land for their purposes. This is also said to be the cause for the creation of the Ashen Lands.

Historical Basis

It is known that, in fact, Electromagnetic Rays are commonly emitted from the Thunder Mountains. It is also known that the Hot Isle does react to human and Pokémon sacrifices with an outburst. But the actual cause to these phenomena is yet to be discovered...

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There are in fact legendary Pokémon living in the Hot Isle and in the Thunder Mountains, who do punish the described behaviors. The Ashen Lands are, too, the work of a legendary Pokémon. Its position, though, is unknown. All that is known is that it definitely does not inhabit the Naodesa mountains themselves.


The tales about the mountains are known throughout the entire Lesho Region and are told to children everywhere. Their real bases are also a heavily discussed subject between scientists.

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