Prof. Cinnamon

Professor Yenene Cinnamon (a.k.a. Pokemon-Professor)

Professor Cinnamon is the most well known Pokemon-Professor of the Lesho Region. She lives in Young Dock Town together with her daughter, your Vivo.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Besides suffering constant lack of sleep and being slightly underweight, Prof. Cinnamon holds up quite well. She eats her vitamins and nutrients in condensed bar-form, has well trained legs, still healthy senses and an overall quite healthy-looking body shape.

Apparel & Accessories

Professor Cinnamon always runs around in her lab coat - no matter where she goes. Her heavy outdoor boots are usually tied down on the very low end, leaving the shoe tongue hang freely. Cinnamon usually wildly mixes pants and shirts without any sense of fashion.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

When Yenene Cinnamon became an adult, she moved to Sinnoh to study as an intern for Professor Rowan. After three years of study, she came back to her home town Young Dock to study the Krabby that leave the sea once a year. But as she was just founding her first very own lab, she discovered that she was pregnant: Her last days with Professor Rowan left their marks.

Ten years passed, in which Prof. Cinnamon constantly tried to hold balance between being a full-time professor, contributing to the Science community, being a citizen of Young Dock and also raising her daughter. During this time, she suffered of constant underweight, stress, Coffein-overdose, and lack of sleep.

Personality Characteristics

Virtues & Personality perks

Despite her hasty and chaotic appearance, Prof. Cinnamon has quite a lot going for her: She is very patient with her employees, forgiving all the errors that they make without much of a talk about it. She is very solution-oriented and doesn't like to look at the past. Cinnamon is also a great tutor, teaching her daughter everything about her work, while still being very accepting of the fact that she aspires a life as a trainer.

Vices & Personality flaws

Prof. Cinnamon is addicted to Coffee and always has one a cup within her reach. She tends to run her thoughts into a wall when answers are obvious, looking at the exact wrong places. For example, she once got stuck trying to fix a bug in the Pokédex which put a certain Pokemon on the wrong place when sorting by alphabet, when in fact the Pokémon's entry was just written incorrectly.

Personality Quirks

  • Never touches her hair - and doesn't let others do so either
  • Talks very quickly and without pause
  • Sometimes gets stuck at repeating syllables, like in Papaya or Yenene - her own first name
  • Starts trembling if idle



Daughter (Vital)

Towards Prof. Cinnamon



Prof. Cinnamon

Mother (Vital)

Towards Vivo



Current Location
Young Dock Town
Year of Birth
-34 (34 years old)
Young Dock Town
Current Residence
Young Dock Town
Biological Sex
Purple, often tired looking
Long, Light Brown, Chaotic
1.64 m
48 kg


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3 Dec, 2018 20:32

There's a good mix of flaws and personality traits that seem her more real, so good job!   Some random grammar/writing notes to think about: "and slight underweight" - and being slightly underweight "Doesn't ever touch her hair" - never touches her hair "and without making pauses" without pause     Oh, and how does she treat the player?

3 Dec, 2018 20:44

You grew up in her home town, and her daughter is your best friend. Thus, she knows you quite well. She treats you barely different from how most "typical suburban moms" would treat their childrens' friends. But she is still a full-time professor. This means, if you come to her when you don't have an appointment, you have to wait up to literally five minutes before she is ready to talk - or just use the healing PC on your own, since she has taught you how to do so when you were barely tall enough to look at the screen.

P.S.: Thanks for the wording suggestions, gonna implement them. (DeepL Translator says that underweight can also be a noun (..o_..o)