Leader Valai

Gym Leader Valai (a.k.a. Deep Sea Diver)

You! You are not from here! Tell me what you want, or leave our town.
— Valai, as you first saw him

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Valai is very muscular and bulky, but not unnaturally so. His body is optimized for swimming and diving. He has trained his lungs in order to be able to dive up to three minutes long without breathing and without the help of his Pokémon - which makes him one of the only people who are able to dive so deeply without their Pokémon or a u-boat.
His hair grows untamed. He refused to visit a barber ever since he arrived in Lesho. Despite this, he has no beard whatsoever.

Apparel & Accessories

It is a rare occurrence to find Valai without his uni-black wetsuit. It is the only thing that he has taken with him from Alola - besides his older Greninja. When you would find him without it, though, you would see him with one of Roary's colorful shorts and T-shirts.

Specialized Equipment

Valai is specialized in turning the tides of a Pokémon battle in his favor: All of his Pokémon know either a very quick move, a move that makes themselves faster, or a move that slows their foe. Additionally, there are some moves across his team that abuse the strength of their enemies and turn it against them.
Valai's signature Pokémon are his two Greninja. He is one of the few gym leaders in Lesho who actually use a Pokémon that they hatched themselves and trained from level 1 on. His younger, but faster Greninja is in fact the biological son of his older Greninja - who he also has a deeper bond with.
Complementing his Greninja-duo, Valai uses a Cloyster, Tentacruel, Gyarados, and a Seadra.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Valai was born in Alola, as the son of a surfer-mother and a household father. When he was only eight years old, he got his first Pokémon, which was a Froakie, which he caught with the lead of his father on a holiday trip through Kalos.
He traveled a lot with his parents, since his mother traveled to surfing competitions all around the world. He trained his Froakie against all types of Pokémon, until one day, at the age of 16, when he decided to challenge the Lesho Region Pokémon League.
Unwilling to let their son go on a journey so far away, Valai's parents convinced him to stay in Alola for the moment, where a new Pokémon League has just been founded. But shortly after beating Kahuna Hala, he received a mail from his father, informing him of his mother's death. She died during surf training, and her corpse was nowhere to be found.   Valai cancelled his island challenge, and started diving for his mother. He dove to the ground of the sea every day for a solid two months, before surrendering his task. His father already started to suggest psychological help, when Valai decided to go to Lesho after all.
Barely being 17 years old, but with the muscle mass of a well trained adult, Valai started swimming from Alola to the North, leaving only a short letter for his father. Within three days - having his now-evolved Greninja and a newly caught Wingit carry him at night - he arrived in the Lesho region.   One of Prof. Cinnamon's assistants, who was collecting a water probe in the morning, saw him on the horizon. He swam out with a boat, got him in, brought him to the lab and pepped him up. Days passed until he woke up from his coma. When he did so, he left the lab without anybody's notice. He caught a Magikarp for provisions, before continuing his way through the routes of Lesho.
Valai started challenging the gyms one by one, and soon, word about his determination spread across the land. His love for water Pokémon was apparent, although he did not limit himself too much to it.
When Valai arrived in Sunhaven, the view of the coast reminded him so much of his home that he broke out in tears in the middle of the road - feelings that he had held back for months. A handful of passers-by ignored him, before one of them stopped to talk to him. He wore bath shorts and a colorful T-shirt.   The man introduced himself as Roary. He took care of Valai, before he revealed himself as an officer of the local coast guard. Having a high position in Lesho, and good contacts to The Pokémon League, he managed to convince the gym leader of Sudoisle - who was already past his 50s - to give up his spot in favor of this determined young man.
Only two years past since, and Valai has already changed the town for good...

Accomplishments & Achievements

Since he became the gym leader, Valai made an inside-out aquarium about a kilometer off shore - which he also turned into the gym - as well as a local police office, where he schools corpse divers.
Valai currently holds the national record for the youngest person to cross the sea between Alola and Lesho: 17 years and 2 months, beating the former record by roughly 9 months.

Mental Trauma

Valai has not fully recovered from the loss of his mother. He reacts aggressively to anybody mentioning his parents. He is also incapable of meeting back up with his father yet. His loss turned his formerly bright personality into a grim face, despite not losing his will to help the people - no matter if dead or alive.

Morality & Philosophy

Valai helps everybody, but only as much as they themselves are willing to give. If someone is too weak, but are willing to give their entire force to achieve something, he will also help with his entire force - which is usually significantly more.
In his morality, he makes no difference between dead or alive. He will rescue the dead and fulfill their last wishes with passion.
Valai is so convinced of the idea of passion and power of will, that he will only accept challengers who swim and dive all the way to the gym, only with the help of their Pokémon.
For about one month now, he also accepts challengers who manage to convince a local fisherman to bring them there, since the local fishermen know only to accept strong trainers. He changed this rule in order to not discriminate trainers who choose not to train any water-type Pokémon - although he would prefer if they did.

Personality Characteristics

Personality Quirks

Valai tends to cross his arms and look angrily whenever he is thinking hard, even if he is not angry at all. This makes it hard to actually recognize when he is angry, since he also does not talk when he is.


Leader Valai

Friend (Vital)

Towards Coast Guard Roary




Coast Guard Roary

Friend (Important)

Towards Leader Valai




Relationship Reasoning

Valai would probably be dead by now if not for Roary.

Current Location
Year of Birth
19 Y.a.
Biological Sex
Unable to love
Gender Identity
Cis male
White, Cold
Long, blond, usually wet
1.95 m
100 kg
Quotes & Catchphrases
You are worthy of being here!
Character Prototype
A little bit like a poor version of Batman
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