Leader Lona

Gym Leader Lona Surge

Lona Surge is the Gym Leader of Chapter 5: Scraper City. It is unknown how she got into this position, or where she comes from. Only that she appeared one day and was chosen as the gym leader unanimously by The Pokémon League. She specializes in Electric Type Pokémon.

Physical Description

Body Features

Lona has pale grey skin on all of her body. She is very thin, which is only really visible on her legs because of her over sized pullover. Her hair is dry, black and middle long, with a yellow streak on the front side. Her face is partially covered by the hair.

Apparel & Accessories

Lona always wears the same clothes: an over sized green Pullover that reminds of a████████████████, as well as over sized █████ boots that once ████████████████████.

Specialized Equipment

Leader Lona Surge is specialized on Electric Type Pokémon. She calls an Electabuzz her own, as well as a Rotom and a Raichu,█████████████████████████████████. Her battle specialty is straight up attacking power.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Lona originally comes from ████. When she lost her █████, ███████████████, to ██████ersto█████████████d, she decided to move to the Lesho Region. She also ████████████ in order to not be recognized anymore. Lesho's Pokémon League immediately accepted her as a gym leader, replacing ████████.

Mental Trauma

Lona Surge has lost her █████ in a th████████████████████████. Ever since this incident, she barely talks, and always wears the same clothes. It is said, that the boots she is wearing belonged to ██. She is also still using ██ partner ██████, █████, ██████ the same trauma.


It is highly discouraged to talk to Leader Lona about what happened to █████████ years ago. It would also not be smart to ask her to change her clothes, or mention them at all. She is also attached to her █████, which belonged to █████████.

Personality Characteristics


It is Lona's dream to be the best gym leader and reflect all the ideals of the Pokémon League: Providing a challenge and encouraging young trainers to try and be the very best, like no one ever was. She is very dutiful and never has something else in her mind than helping the region with everything she can and has.



Partner (Important)

Towards Leader Lona



Leader Lona

Partner (Trivial)

Towards Evi



Current Location
Scraper City
Year of Birth
21 Y.a.
Biological Sex
Squinty, white
Black and spikey, with a yellow streak
1.72 m
61 kg
Quotes & Catchphrases
I wanna be the very best, as no one ever was!
█████████ Lona
Aligned Organization
The Pokémon League


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