Leader Emil

Gym Leader Emil

Emil is the gym leader of Color City and known for using grass types. He is also the leader of the Color City Care Center.

Physical Description

Body Features

Emil has a well tanned skin all over his body. He has shining teal eyes and green hair, which is usually towered up. He looks way younger than he is, due to his lack of body hair and pimples, and due to his small size. In fact, as long as you don't hear his voice, you might think he has never entered puberty.

Apparel & Accessories

Emil likes natural colors: Blue, green, orange, brown. He almost always wears shorts and a T-shirt, although sometimes only shorts. His signature Pokémon, Oddish, is also part of his accessory, since she always hides in his pockets. Additionally, he always wears a necklace with a wooden pendant in the form of a blossom, although he has many of these and chooses another one every day.

Specialized Equipment

Emil is specialized in playful Grass Type Pokémon. His favorite one is obviously Oddish, but he also has a Reedling on his consistent team. His 3rd team slot is usually filled by one of the Pokémon that he is caring for at the moment.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

As a kid, Emil learned how to handle plants as well as Bug-, Poison- and Grass-Type Pokémon in a neighbor's garden class. He quickly learned that Pokémon are happiest when they can battle regularly. He then made his apprenticeship in the local gym, which is also a care center for ill Pokémon. When the gym leader retired shortly after, about half a year ago, and Emil was the only one who was comfortable with taking the responsibility, he became the new gym leader, despite his young age and even younger look.

Morality & Philosophy

Emil is young and motivated, but his urge to win is not as big as that of other trainers. He battles for the sake of battling and having fun with his Pokémon. He is never mad for losing, and is happy to give trainers a first gateway into their gym challenge, knowing all too well that he is the weakest of all the gym leaders.
His relaxed nature allows Emil to take on tasks of high responsibility with ease, giving his best every time and getting over failures mostly without tears or anger - also over those of his employees.

Personality Characteristics


At the beginning, Emil only wanted to be near his beloved Grass Type Pokémon. But he quickly learned, that the best way to make them feel special is to have them fight in important battles. Ever since he made this observation, he is using the Pokémon from the care center in his arena battles. It is not about winning, but about making every single Pokémon in his care feel special.

Vices & Personality flaws

While it can be very refreshing at times, Emil's serenity also entails an inability to speak out unpleasant truths. He is also pretty bad at taking things fully seriously. Some might say, that his gym challenge is not challenging at all - and might then fail horribly, because his Pokémon are so motivated during battle. Emil might be a good Gym challenge, but he is not fully suited to the role of a leader.

Current Location
Color City
Year of Birth
16 Y.a.
Color City
Current Residence
Color City
Biological Sex
Teal, big
Green, spiky
1.67 m
60 kg
Aligned Organization
The Pokémon League


Author's Notes

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7 Dec, 2018 16:56

I love him! I like the approach you're going with that he doesn't care about winning, just making the pokemon under his care feel good! he seems like an awesome character :D no real issues with him from me

7 Dec, 2018 17:01

Thanks! Glad you liked him. He was the first character I drew for this world. ^^

7 Dec, 2018 17:01

How much younger than 16 does Emil look? How long has he been leading the Color City Care Center? How was he comfortable taking on the role of leadership - what are the usual duties of a gym leader in Pokemon?   I feel like I'm definitely getting a good sense of his personality!

7 Dec, 2018 17:07

As long as he doesn't speak, he looks like he has not even got into puberty, so I'd say 12-13. He has only very recently gotten the role of the leader. A gym leader usually is a strong trainer, specialized in one type of Pokémon, who approves of the qualities of other trainers by battling them. A trainer has to beat all 8 gym leaders before they can challenge the Elite Four and the Champion. As he is the first gym leader, his job is also to make sure that these young trainers are strong enough to defend themselves. He was comfortable with taking this position because he doesn't take it too seriously in the first place - he just has fun and does what his instinct tells him.

7 Dec, 2018 17:08

P.S.: Thanks for the great questions, I'ma expand a bit now. ^^