I found this little one right outside of town once. It looked injured. But I am not a trainer, nor a medic. I am only a professor. A trainer should take care of it.
Diristella are always playful. They run away from their tail, jump very high into the air, float around and throw sparkles. Anyone would like to have one around.

Diristella are a Fire-Type Pokemon first discovered in the Lesho Region. It evolves into Jetra starting at level 14. It is one of the Pokemon given away by Prof. Cinnamon, together with Dugly and Reedling.

Basic Information

Anatomy & Morphology

Diristella have a rubber-like, orange skin. Their body stays upright in a star-like form, simply through small air chambers below their skin. These air bags are usually around 70-80°C hot, making them a warm and comfy cushion. But with a little bit of concentration, Diristella can heat it up to about 180°C, making them float like an air balloon.

Wherever they go, Diristella drag their tail behind them. A Diristella's tail is blue with white sparks. It floats elegantly behind them and waves in the wind.

Genetics and Reproduction

Sometimes, when they are at the daycare, an egg just appears. Nobody knows how that happens.


Diristella is based on a star. This is not only obvious due to its appearance, but also explains its light density, hot temperature and Fire Typing. Its tail is based on the milky way, which appears blue and white in the night sky. The name "Diristella" derives from latin "dirigentes stella", which literally translates into "Shooting Star".

Shiny Form

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Diristella Shiny.png
Type Fire Abilities Blaze, Levitate Gender Ratio 87.5% male, 12.5% female Egg Groups Mineral, Fairy Pokedex Color Brown Famous Users Prof. Cinnamon
Scientific Name
The Sparkles Pokemon
Conservation Status
Prof. Cinnamon only recently added Diristella to the Pokedex. Although she is the first one to register it, there is no reason to believe that it would be unique or even extinct; it is most likely just rare.
Average Height
35 cm
Average Weight
0.2 kg
Average Length
150 cm

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3 Dec, 2018 11:11

I'm not super familiar with Pokemon, but here goes. How do they fit into the rest of the world? What do they eat? What are they eaten by? Do they have any note-worthy behavior that have made it into the collective consciousness, like being mistaken for shooting stars?

3 Dec, 2018 11:35

Like most Pokemon, they are omnivores with a herbivore preference: Mostly eating berries and other fruits. They are very new to the world, which makes them unknown to myths and legends. And they are not mistaken for shooting stars, they are indeed shooting stars, having their origin in extraterrestrial space. (This is not uncommon for Pokemon, as Lunatone and Solrock, Elgyem and Beheyem, Meltan, Magnemite, Starmi and others also come from outer space)

3 Dec, 2018 15:13

I start with one objection to the initial paragraph that "anyone would like to have one around." I'm sure there are people that exist in the world who just don't care for Pokemon. All in all, it seems pretty well-thought out and detailed.   How frequently do the eggs appear in daycare? Is there enough data on this species for anyone to make an educated guess as to the frequency of their reproduction? Are there no cameras with which it could be captured by an attentive crew?

3 Dec, 2018 15:35

The paragraph about reproduction is a reference to the Pokemon games. It is in fact pretty easy to breed Pokemon purposefully. But whenever you recieve an egg from the daycare woman in the games, she says "We don't know how it happens, but one of your Pokemon was holding an egg. Do you want it?" This is due to the fact that the Pokemon games are made for children that are often not yet sexually enlightened.

4 Dec, 2018 02:12

Excellent. If that's consistent with Pokemon lore, than don't let me stand in the way! Well thought out.

3 Dec, 2018 16:02

I think it's cute lol. I wouldn't mind having it in one of my Pokemon games and like that there are fan creates adding to an already massive world. Now I'm sorry if it seems odd but what's its call. I don't know of many Pokemon with longer names saying the whole name over and over. Does it just say drist over and over ending its "sentence" in dristella or does it say tella at all?

4 Dec, 2018 09:26

I have to differ between the anime-world and the game-world here. In the games, there are in fact only a handful of Pokémon that actually say their names. In fact, Pikachu is the only one that comes to mind. In there, Diristella would have a chime-like call, like the ones you would hear when a shooting star appears in a childrens' movie, ending in a "wuii"-like sound.

In the anime-world however, most Pokémon do say their names as they speak. In there, Diristella would probably just say "Diri diri".

4 Dec, 2018 14:11

That's actually a very satisfying answer thanks. I prefer the games but the anime is just so engrained in my childhood i just assume