Chapter 6: The clash before the Grey

Training in Route 4 was not the most interesting. Compared to the most recent battle, most trainers and all wild Pokémon were no challenge to your team. The only significant thing you found was a berry bush. You gave Kirlia the berry to hold, and taught her how to use it in battle using the Shock Badge.
But then West City comes into sight. From your direction, it is a huge grey wall, only broken by the main street and tiny gaps between the buildings. Entering the city, your first stop is the Pokécenter. As your Pokémon are healed and you turn to leave, you look right into Vivo's face, who's come uncomfortably close. "I can still beat you we need a revenge now fight me."
You two can barely leave the building, as Vivo is already sending out her Beautifly. The battle begins.

You start your battle with Houndour. As he sees the opponent, he is fleshing his teeth. She is familiar. And the Beautifly is the evolution of the Silcoon, which Houndour has already beaten once. "Go Houndour, use Fire Spin!", you shout, as Vivo is calling Beautifly to use Air Cutter. As Houndour starts curling into a ball, his hair slowly takes fire, and by the time he starts rolling, he is only visible as a flame ball of death. You feel the heat coming your way, when it is suddenly blown away.
A chilly wind runs through your hair and over your arms. It is Beautifly, using its wings to create cutting air blades towards Houndour. Every single one of them interrupts the flames of the wheel only briefly, and it is not enough to fully stop the whirl that is now surrounding Beautifly. Hurt by the flames that are now surrounding it from all sides, it makes a high pitched cry, trying to leave its new cage and hurting itself in the process.
Houndour rolls back towards you, coming to a stand right before you would have got hurt, sending the hot air back your way and counteracting the chill that you just got.
"Beautifly use Morning Sun to heal yourself quick before the fire burns you", you hear from the other side of the battle field. If Houndour is not dealing significant enough damage in short time, this strategy could actually beat us, you think to yourself, before you give the next orders: "Go Houndour, use Sunny Day! And then, start using Ember!"
The dark, grey area suddenly gets engulfed in bright and hot sunlight, as Houndour is howling to the sky.
Beautifly looks already fresh again - if you ignore the Fire Whirl that it is surrounded by -, when it gets hit with an Ember, and simultaneously with the edge of the Fire Spin. Being heavily wounded, it goes for the same healing power. But Houndour just keeps going. The orange fire enlightens the grey buildings around, as well as Houndour's bone-white markings. Beautifly's wing starts getting singed, as Vivo goes for one last desperation move: "Go Beautifly, use Stun Spore!"
Beautifly flaps its wings and emits a whole lode of spores. One of them gets all the way to your arm and causes a numb feeling in that spot. As Beautifly goes down, Houndour gets hit with a whole load of these Spores. Although he is barely hurt, he is also barely able to move now. You decide to call him back as well for the next clash.
As Vivo is sending out Gloom, you simultaneously send out Staravia, and have him use Double Team. Within split seconds, there are ten Staravias standing on the battlefield, instead of just one. Gloom is spreading a purple powder from its head, similar to the one Beautifly was spreading before. It moves with an unexpected speed and accuracy - right through one of Staravia's doppelgangers, which immediately resolves in air.
Staravia, who only waited for Gloom's attack to miss him, immediately starts dashing towards Gloom now, flying at immense speed and hitting it right ahead with his wings. Gloom tumbles backwards, but immediately stands again, just to unleash two beams of Acid in one go! You hear Vivo shouting across the battle field: "You did not expect that right Gloom is faster in sunlight and see what your cute puppy Pokémon just brought us."
"Hah, this can't stop me!", you answer. Staravia is already mixed between his doppelgangers again. Even you missed where he went. Unknowing which one is the right one, Gloom starts hitting Acid at one doppelganger after another. "Just stay where you are!", you yell. "The sunlight will soon settle! Then you can strike back with your Wing Attack!"
One doppelganger after the other disappears, when you suddenly see the next one in the line moving. He went for a quick attack, before he got finally hit by the Acid. Gloom stumbles again, visibly less hurt than from the Wing Attack, and as it finds back its balance, the sun is already hidden behind the clouds again.
As you just wanted to give Staravia the next order to use Wing Attack, you notice his ill look. He doesn't have much time before he breaks down. "Go, Wing Attack!", you shout, but as the attack hits Gloom, Staravia does not overcome the impact and faints. "You did a good job", you say, as you call him back.
Vivo decides to also call Gloom back, and as you send out Thiefern, she sends out Klink. This might just be the first time where she has the type advantage - and she is already holding you at arm's length without it. This does not look good at all.
As both Pokémon leave their balls, Thiefern scares Klink right away, faking it out and getting in a free hit with both of his arm-branches at once. Then the actual fight begins. You notice that a Leaf Blade won't do much against a steel type Pokémon, so you instead try to go for something else: "Use Thief! Look if it has a berry somewhere!"
As Thiefern grows a branch from his foot to assault Klink from behind, it starts turning its gears rapidly, floating towards Thiefern. It is turning so fast, its eyes are barely visible. Moving like this, it dashes toward Thiefern, trying to get hold of his right arm branch. But at the same moment, the additional branch that Thiefern has been growing now hits Klink's gears from behind. Everything is suddenly happening at the same time.
Thiefern's leaves get torn out one by one, leaving an open wound. The torn leaves fly high up the sky and slowly start sinking down.
At the same time, Klink's turning gets stopped by Thiefern's Thief-Attack. Although it seems like Thiefern hasn't found anything, Klink's gears still start to stutter, before it returns to the normal, slow moving state.
Looking at Klink's unimpressed expression, and Thiefern's big wound, you decide that it is best to bring Houndour back out instead. After all, he has survived his last clash, and if Vivo is still using her first partner - a water type -, this will be his last time to shine.
Since Houndour is still Paralyzed from Beautifly's stun spore, you decide not to stress it with the difficult to perform Fire Spin. And you don't have time to waste either. "Use Ember!", you shout, hoping that he can act fast enough despite the Paralysis.
"Klink my dear start charging up!", you hear from the other side of the battle field. You hear the air crackling. Klink starts emitting little lightnings - electrostatic discharges - around itself. Your first thought was right: You don't have time to waste. But the paralysis makes Houndour slow! When the Ember finally hits, Klink is already finished charging and ready to release a more powerful Thunder Shock at Houndour, who yowls upon the pain.
Klink's face is unreadable, but you know that the Ember must have hurt it. "Go for another one!", you yell, but Klink already added another Thunder Shock, and Houndour faints. But then, you see a glow that doesn't quite fit into the color scheme: Klink's intersection area, where its gears meet, is glowing in an orange red, instead of white, yellow and blue like the lightnings. It is burning!
You call Houndour back, knowing that he has just made this fight much easier. With a clear conscience, you can send Thiefern back out there, knowing that he can handle a Klink whose gears are partially molten together.
You give Thiefern the order to use Sand Attack, and within seconds, Klink, who was just starting to gear-grind again, floats towards Thiefern and hits him in the exact same spot where he was already wounded. It looks like this time, the Sand Attack hasn't done too much.
Thiefern cries out in pain. His voice gets louder and louder, before he breaks out in rage. It is contagious! "ATTACK IT WITH A LEAVE BLADE!", you yell from deep within your lungs. Long sharp leaves extend all the way from his shoulders across his arms and over his hands. Then he hits Klink with an edge.
The sharp sound of metal clashing - basically the Klink - sends Klink flying right back into Vivo's arms. It has not yet fainted, but it looks hurt. It is already on its way back to Thiefern. Then it starts turning its gears - and gets stuck. It succumbed to the melting burn.
Thiefern is wheezing, struggling for air, but he still stands. Considering the opponents you are yet to go up against, you decide that it is the best to let him fight until he can't no more. Vivo sends out Wingit, and the unequal clash of starter Pokémon begins once more.
Thiefern, still in rage, immediately runs at Wingit, his leave blades still extended, and now even glowing. Wingit readies its wing, and despite not being able to fly, it goes for a Wing Attack - a flying type move. It does still get hit by one Leave Blade, which does make it stumble, but the backlash makes Thiefern break down on the spot, forcing you to call him back.
"Kirlia, now it's you! Finish them off!" She enters the fight with a pirouette, but is on focus quickly. "Use Magical Leaf!"
From the other side of the field, you hear Vivo: "Go Wingit shoot it with a bubble beam you got this!", but the moment that Wingit's beak opens to shoot out the bubbles, it gets hit with a huge barrage of leaves that come seemingly out of nowhere. Being hit with one leaf after another, and even losing a feather or two, does leave Wingit with a painful expression.
The bubble beam still reaches Kirlia though, engulfing her fully for a moment, which gives Wingit just enough time to start firing the next bubble beam before Kirlia's next barrage of magical leaves travel through the air. This time, the barrage takes down Wingit, and the exploding bubbles that engulf Kirlia seem to hurt her only marginally.
It all comes down to this. Kirlia against what is left of Gloom after its fight against Staravia. Knowing your Pokémon types, you give the only command that makes sense: "Kirlia, finish it with Confusion!"
Still a little bit slowed by the leftovers of the bubble beam, Kirlia gets hit by an Acid that hits her right in the middle of her body. But she endures it, being able to charge her confusion without further interruption, and sending the bright beam towards Gloom. As Gloom faints, Vivo starts jumping around uncontrollably. "You have beaten me again I can't believe it how could you do this I swear I will beat you one day!"
The battle is over. You emerge victorious.


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