Chapter 5: Scraper City

A new Partner

After you've made your way back to Movehill Town, it is time to go Westward. Although the roadblocking moving van is still blocking the road, you can now take a detour through the bushes by teaching Houndour how to burn them away, using the Blossom Badge. On Route 3, it is time to train some more. All your Pokémon are gaining a level or two, as you fight the wild Pikachus, Grubbin and Pancham, as well as a few bikers. You have a blast.
But then, you see a Pokémon that has not yet crossed your way. You can't see its eyes. Your Pokédex tells you that it is Ralts, the Feeling Pokémon. "Hey, do you wanna train with us?", you shout towards it. It comes closer, up to about three meters. You send out Staravia, just in case it tries to attack. And sure enough, it does so. But in a strange way. Its head is glowing brightly. In the next moment, a beam shoots at Staravia.
"Quick, attack!", you yell. Staravia manges to get a Quick Attack in before being hit, but does not manage to dodge the beam. Then, the Ralts comes closer to you. "Do you want to be on my team?", you ask, taking out a Pokéball. As Staravia lands next to you again, it starts channeling its move once more. You quickly throw the Pokéball, before Staravia knocks it out.
The ball flashes with red light.
The ball flashes with red light.
The ball flashes with red light.
Then it makes a clicking noise.
You take it from the ground. Confusion, that's what that move was... And she can teleport. You call back Staravia and bring out Ralts. "Go Ralts, use Teleport", you say, just to try out what happens. In moments notice, you land in movehill town.
During the further training, you noticed the reason why Ralts attacked Staravia. It seems like she likes your affection, and is jealous whenever you use another Pokémon in battle. You try to remember that.

The Deciding Part of the Training

It is the last battle before reaching Scraper City. A motor biker with a skull jacket challenged you to a 1v1 battle. You sent out Reedling, and he sent out a Koffing. Despite the type disadvantage, the fight is more than doable. Reedling is strong already. You know: He is ready for the gym. With only a few tackles, the battle is decided, and - although intoxicated and weakened - Reedling emerges victorious. But then, he starts shining brightly. Reedling evolved into Thiefern.

The Scraper City Gym

Scraper City is big, but this time you don't get distracted. After a quick trip to the Pokécenter to heal up your team, you make your way to the Gym. Despite all the sky scrapers, the gym is located in a former underground car park. It is pointed at by a bunch of neon lights. There are no doors. The lights in the gym are flickering. When you enter the gym, one of the cars starts driving on its own.
You decide to follow it. This must be part of the gym. Most of the parking lots are empty, but some cars are still standing there, without a registration plate. Some of them have flickering lights. As you follow the car into the second bottom floor, it stops. A woman stands in front of it. She is holding a Pokéball in her hand, pointing it at the car. A beam of light goes out from it, as if a Pokémon was called in, except there being no Pokémon. The car's engine and lights go out simultaneously.
The woman stands in the shadow. You can barely see her dark hair and yellow streak, as well as her over sized green Pullover. You can't even see her pants, as dark as it is.
She takes out another Pokéball and sends out an Electabuzz. She looks at you for a few seconds. Then she says, barely audible: "My name is Lona Surge. I am the gym leader of Scraper City. I am specialized in Electric Types. This is a 3 vs 3 battle." The battle begins.

The Battle

The Teams

Your Team

Ralts Lv.19 (Psychic/   Fairy) Staravia Lv.20 (Normal/   Flying) Thiefern Lv.22 (Grass/-)
Ability: Synchronize Ability: Keen Eye Ability: Overgrow
Confusion (Psychic/ Special/ 50) Teleport (Psychic/ Status/ -)
Disarming Voice (Fairy/ Special/ 40) Healing Pulse (Psychic/ Status/ -)
Endeavour (Normal/ Physical/ -) Double Team (Normal/ Status/ -)
Quick Attack (Normal/ Physical/ 40) Wing Attack (Flying/ Physical/ 60)
Razor Leaf (Grass/ Physical/ 55) Thief (Dark/ Physical/ 60)
Sand Attack (Ground/ Status/ -) Grass Knot (Grass/ Special/ -)

Lona's Team

Electabuzz Lv.19 (Electric/ -) Rotom Lv.20 (Electric/ Ghost) Raichu Lv. 22 (Electric/ -)
Ability: Static Ability: Levitate Ability: Static
Thunder Punch (Electric/ Physical/ 75) Low Kick (Fighting/ Physical/ -)
Swift (Normal/ Special/ 60) Thunder Shock (Electric/ Special/ 40)
Discharge (Electric/ Special/ 80) Astonish (Ghost/ Physical/ 30)
Ominous Wind (Ghost/ Special/ 60) Uproar (Normal/ Special/ 90)
Thunder Punch (Electric/ Physical/ 75) Iron Tail (Steel/ Physical/ 100)
Brick Break (Fighting/ Physical/ 75) Quick Attack (Normal/ Physical/ 40)


You send out Ralts against Electabuzz. The Electabuzz attacks with a Thunder Punch, which hits your Ralts super hard. Ralts can only counter with a confusion, and you realize, that she will surely lose this battle. "Teleport out!", you yell, sending out Thiefern instead. Thiefern has the type advantage. He should be able to take a punch or two.
Electabuzz answers Thiefern's arrival with another Thunder Punch, but Thiefern does seem to find it less painful. "Now, Thiefern, use Sand Attack!", you shout, while Electabuzz prepares another Thunder Punch. Blinded by the sand in its eyes, it still manages to find its target.
"Hit it with a Razor Leaf!", you shout. If this doesn't hit hard, I don't know how to win this fight. As Electabuzz runs past Thiefern with his next Thunder Fist, still blinded by the sand, he takes a Razor Leaf to the knee and stumbles. It immediately strikes out with his other fist which also goes wide, immediately getting punished with a Razor Leaf to the face. The melee goes on for only a second, and Electabuzz falls to its knees, leaving Thiefern gasping and unable to move, but barely really hurt.
"You did a great job!", you say, calling Thiefern back to bring Ralts back out. Ralts gives you a reproachful look, before she focuses on the battlefield. Her wound doesn't even seem to hurt her anymore.
Lona sends out her next Pokémon as well. It looks like a ball lightning with eyes. Your Pokédex says it is Rotom, the Plasma Pokémon. So this was what drove the car... you realize. "Go Ralts, use Confusion!". As Ralts' hair starts to shine brightly, Rotom flies through her, scaring her and making her flinch in the process.
"Common, Focus! You can do it, Ralts!" Rotom flies back onto its starting position, and Ralts starts channeling her Confusion again. Rotom also starts shining brightly, sizzles and flashes, and then starts Discharging onto Ralts. Ralts manages to get off her Confusion this time, sending Rotom flying two meters and more. Both of them look hurt, Ralts a little more so than Rotom.
Now Rotom starts charging again, as Ralts tries to channel another confusion. But it seems like she just cannot act, as Rotom charges and charges and charges electrostatic tension. And then it bursts. It seems like it does not know what to do, and hurt itself in the process of charging itself. "Good job Ralts! You confused it! Keep going, my girl!"
Then, Rotom starts becoming loud. "IT IS AN UPROAR. ANSWER WITH ANOTHER CONFUSION!" Rotom and Ralts look painfully at each other, so loud is the sound. But this time, Ralts manages to channel a full Confusion, and shoots it at Rotom. Rotom faints, and Ralts survives with a sliver of energy.
Then she starts shining bright. White light emerges from all over her body, as she evolves into Trasla.
You call Trasla back, and send out Staravia for the last battle, in an attempt to give every Pokémon in your team the chance to shine. Lona sends out her Raichu. It goes off sprinting towards Staravia, and readies its fist to a Thunder Punch. "Go Staravia, Double Team!", you yell, but it is too late. When Staravia's doppelgangers appear, it is already hurt heavily. In fact, it barely holds up its doppelgangers at all.
"Get out a Quick Attack!", you yell, and sure enough, Staravia manages to hit Raichu. Not only that, but he is also fast enough to escape into the line of Staravia-gangers, of which one is attacked by Raichu's Iron Tail. The tactic worked, and Staravia even manages to get one more Quick Attack. But the next moment, it stands still. It is completely paralyzed. Raichu charges another Iron Tail, and takes down Staravia, who isn't moving a bit.
You send Kirlia back out, telling her to go for another confusion. But Raichu is faster, and takes her out with an Iron Tail that hits her right against the head.
Thiefern is your only hope now.
"GO Thiefern, you are the last hope! Attack it with Leave Blade!"
Unable to use its most powerfull move effectively, Raichu now uses Brick Break, a fighting type move. Thiefern answers with a Leave Blade, which visibly hurts the Raichu, but you also see how a static shock goes through Thiefern upon touch. It is paralyzed.
"Keep going!" you yell, out of hope to win this fight. You are already ready to give up. But then something unexpected happens: Thiefern turns around to you, nods, and goes for the Leaf Blade. Despite his paralysis, he is faster than Raichu! While he is still hitting the final blow, he is already breaking down. The battle is over. It is a draw, but your Pokémon was the last one to attack. This means you win.

The Prize

Lona calls back her Raichu, walks to the car that was driving around before, and places a few objects on its roof. Then she sends out Rotom to obsess the car again. A second later, it is driving backwards towards you, and past you. Rotom then leaves the car again and goes back to its owner.
On the roof, there are now the Shock Badge, a TM for the move Thunder Punch, as well as a small note. "Gratulations", it reads. As you turn back to where Lona has stood just a few seconds ago, you see nothing. You leave the gym victoriously, despite the feel that you should have been beaten. It almost feels like as if she... No, that can't be true.


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