Chapter 4: The Color City Gym

The Fire Spin

After what you had seen yesterday, you spent the night in the top floor of the Pokémon Center. You used the spare money that Prof. Cinnamon has given you after your First win against Vivo. Waking up, you are already pumped with adrenaline: If the Fire Breather keeps his word, Houndour might learn an awesome new trick today.
You decide to give Houndour a little bit of time outside the Pokéball. "Hey buddy! Do you know what we're gonna do today?" As you leave the building and pay for the night, Houndour seems to listen carefully. When you finished, he sprints forward, barking at you to follow him, for he cannot wait to meet Bloodclaw. As you reach the plaza where the stage was located last night, you see Blooclaw sitting on a bench training what looks like a new trick with Magby.
"Hello! Bloodclaw, right?", you greet him, as Houndour is already jumping around Magby, trying to engage her in a game. He watches them play for a second, before he turns to you. "Haha, yes, it is me. And who arr yu?" After a little bit of introduction of yourself and your Pokémon, Bloodclaw brings out Chimchar. "Let's go Chimcharr, use Firr Spin!" he says, and Chimchar starts spinning like a wheel - like he has done on the show yesterday.
"Yu see, most Firr Pokémon can make this moof. But only a few lerrn it aloon. Chimcharr is one of. He can teach yurr Pokémon if you want. Only takes hourr orr two, and you can just let them train without must look."
As Houndour and Chimchar start their training, you take Starly and Reedling to Route 2 and prepare them a little better for the gym as well. Just two hours later, you say goodbye to Bloodclaw - of course only after having Houndour make a few Spins - thank him a lot and make your way to the gym.

The Greenhouse

The gym is a big greenhouse. The glass front is semi-translucent and does not allow a see-through. As you enter the gym, you are immediately greeted: "Heeellooo over there!", a man yells from the other side of the gym. Everywhere are Pokémon running around between the berry bushes and flower pads. The man who greeted you is already running towards you. In the middle of the greenhouse, there is a big empty patch of humid soil.
"Hello! How can I help you?" It is Emil, the same guy who made the announcements last night. "I am a gym challenger", you say. Houndour is still walking around, and was just about to run after one of the Pokémon who are running through the gym.
"Houndour, come here. Good boy." Emil doesn't seem bothered by your split attention, but instead greets your Houndour personally as well. Then he looks at you again. "A gym challenger? Great! Let's not lose any more time. My name is Emil. I am known as the youngling of the gym leaders, but don't be deceived. Despite looking younger, I am already 16 years old."
He makes his way to the big empty patch. "Hey Adrianne, could you be the battle judge this time?" A young woman, who was just playing with a Cottonee, takes it into her Pokéball and joins the field. The rest of the Pokémon in the greenhouse are also called back. As you three arrive at the empty patch, Adrianne announces you two to the bystanders, and the battle begins.

The battle

Show spoiler

Your Team

Houndour Lv.12 (Fire/Dark) Starly Lv.12 (Normal/Flying) Reedling Lv. 14 (Grass/-)
Ability: Flash Fire Ability: Keen Eye Ability: Overgrow
Fire Spin (Fire/ Special/ 35) Ember (Fire/ Special/ 40)
Howl (Normal/ Status/ -) Smog (Poison/ Special/ 30)
Tackle (Normal/ Physical/ 40) Growl (Normal/ Status/ -)
Quick Attack (Normal/ Physical/ 40) Wing Attack (Flying/ Physical/ 60)
Tackle (Normal/ Physical/ 40) Vine Whip (Grass/ Physical/ 40)
Sand Attack (Ground/ Status/ -) Lick (Ghost/ Physical/ 30)

Emil's Team

Reedling Lv.12 (Grass/ -) Nuzleaf Lv.12 (Grass/ -) Oddish Lv. 14 (Grass/ Poison)
Ability: Simple Ability: Chlorophyll Ability: Chlorophyll
Tackle (Normal/ Physical/ 40) Vine Whip (Grass/ Physical/ 40)
Sand Attack (Ground/ Status/ -) Sunny Day (Fire/ Status/ -)
Razor Leaf (Grass/ Physical/ 55) Torment (Dark/ Status/ -)
Fake Out (Normal/ Physical/ 40) Pound (Normal/ Physical/ 40)
Tackle (Normal/ Physical/ 40) Absorb (Grass/ Special/ 20)
Toxic (Poison/ Status/ -) Sunny Day (Fire/ Status/ -)

To start off the fight, Houndour steps into the middle of the field. Emil sends out his Reedling. Oh wow, he also has one! I gotta let Reedling play a bit after this fight, you think, losing focus for a second. When Adrianne claps into her hands to announce the start of the fight, you two start yelling simultaneously.
"Houndour, use Fire Spin!" / "Reedling, use Sand Attack!"
Houndour is faster than Reedling, and manages to hit it with a whirling fire, spinning around Reedling before getting hit by a bunch of soil into the face.
Reedling squeaks out in pain, but doesn't look hurt on the outside. The fire around it keeps burning. And as Houndour gets ready for the next attack, Reedling tries to do so as well.
"It is weakened! Hit it with Ember now!", you command. Houndour snaps his head back, and shoots a tiny fire ball, to incinerate... the empty area right next to Reedling. Reedling answers with a Tackle but gets hurt by the spinning fire in the process.
Houndour, who needs a moment to catch himself, goes for another Ember. This time it hits, and Reedling's head catches fire. Reedling answers with yet another Tackle, and manages to hit Houndour critically, making him yowl in pain.
"HOLD ON", you yell, as Houndour already goes for another Ember, but misses again. That Sand in the eyes really does its job, doesn't it. Reedling hits Houndour with another Tackle, almost taking him down, but fainting to the burn and the spinning fire in the process.
"You deserved a break", you say, as you call Houndour back into his Pokéball. For the next showdown, it's Starly's turn. Emil brings out his next Pokémon: "You are ready, Nuzleaf. Show everyone here what you can! Fake out this Starly!"
Starly is already gliding around in circles, when Nuzleaf enters the battlefield and immediately blocks Starly's trajectory, making it fall and flinch.
"Starly, get back up! Hit him with a Wing Attack!" It is very effective, and Nuzleaf stumbles, but manages to catch himself and answer with a Pound, using the hardened leaf on his head. Despite Starly looking hurt after the two attacks in quick succession, you are confident. You have the type advantage.
But then, something unexpected happens. Nuzleaf stomps on the ground and yells, and Starly, trying to attack with his wings again, fails at doing so. "This", Emil explains, "is the move Torment! You are not able to use the same move twice in a row now, effectively canceling your type advantage! You have to be ready for people out there to torment your Pokémon. Show me, Starly, what you can do out of this!" He smiles, and Nuzleaf does so too.
"Okay then, Starly!", you say, "Let's try a Quick Attack!" Despite finding his target, this move is not nearly as effective as Wing Attack would have been. Nuzleaf, unable to outspeed Starly's Quick Attack, can only answer with another Pound. Starly visibly stumbles, hiding his black eye under one wing.
"Now, finish it with Wing Attack!", you yell, but Nuzleaf is faster. He pounds Starly once more.
Starly tumbles.
Starly makes a step backwards.
It looks like Starly is about to faint.
Then, Starly emits a bright white light.
What? Starly is evolving!
This is the challenge Starly was waiting for all along!
"Congratulations!", you hear from the other side of the battlefield. "Your Starly became a Staravia!"
This showdown is over, and Starly - pardon - Staravia is the winner.
The last showdown is up. You send out Reedling. Emil does not take out another Pokéball. Instead, Oddish jumps out of his pocket and onto the battle field.
The battle starts out with Reedling Tackling Oddish, and Oddish badly poisoning Reedling with a Toxic. Reedling takes damage from the Poison.
Then, Oddish protects himself using Protect, and as Reedling can only watch, he takes even more damage from the poison.
Reedling, visibly annoyed, finally manages to get a Tackle in, but gets answered by a tackle from Oddish, and takes additional damage from the poison. It doesn't look good for him.
After the exchange of Tackles, Oddish once more protects himself, and leaves Reedling to the poison. Soon, Reedling will be unable to fight, and Oddish still looks top notch!
It seems like Emil knows that. "Sunny Day!", he yells. Is he kidding?, you think to yourself. But when Oddish eats another Tackle, the sun does in fact become brighter and hotter. Reedling faints to the poison, and you are forced to call him back. "You've done your job, buddy", you say, as you send Houndour back out. Without the sand in his eyes, and with the hot sun, he will hit a very strong Ember, I bet it.
"Oddish, use Tackle!", Emil says, as you command the Ember. Houndour are known to be fast, and Oddish - not so much. So you are confident. But then, something unexpected happens: Oddish comes running at Houndour, and tackles him away before he can react.
"Oddish has the ability Chlorophyl", Emil explains. "It allows him to become faster during harsh Sunlight. This is why he could outspeed Houndour. Never judge a book by its cover. Oddish might look cute, but he is also very strong!" As Houndour - injured by the first showdown - faints, you are forced to call him back as well.
You got one ace up your sleeve: Since Starly survived his showdown through evolving into Staravia, this battle is not yet over.
"Can't outspeed a Quick Attack though!", you shout, as you throw out Staravia's Pokéball. "Go, Quick Attack!" Oddish is already running up to the Tackle, when he gets hit by Staravia's sudden turn. He faints. The battle is over.

The Reward

"You are a great battler!", Emil says after the official end-of-battle announcement. "By beating me, you earned yourself the Blossom Badge. Additionally, I gift you the technical machine for Sunny Day. It is a move used to empower the sunlight and remove any clouds over the battle field. Some Pokémon and moves, especially grass types, interact with sunlight in special ways, but also Fire Types profit from it, getting a straight boost to their attacking power.
Your next goal should be Scraper City. The leader there, Leader Lona, is a master of Electric Type Pokémon. The way north is currently too dangerous to pass, due to strong Electromagnet Pulses being emanated from the Thunder Mountains.
I wish you best of luck on your journey. And feel free to visit Color City again!"


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