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Leopolara, the Empire of Leopold the Reincarnate

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Leopolara was founded long ago by the man that would become its Emperor Reincarnate - Leopold, a sickly old statesman of an unimportant kingdom. Circumstances would put him in charge of defending his country's borders, while ambition soon made those same lines expanding outwards. Among the first to swear him tribute was a sect of soothsayers, known today as the Orda Necraux, who took on responsibility for the aging warlord's soul. As he drew his final breath, the Last Whisperer herself channeled his spirit into a chosen vessel: A child of Leopold's own blood.   Ten generations later and the continent was united under the ever reincarnating Leopold and his closest allies, among which were the Guards of Gant, the coin-priests, the Irridescent, the Storm Screamers, and of course the Orda Necraux, formed into the Empire of Leopolara. Time passed, and where an ordinary Empire might have fallen, the ever reborn Leopold kept a firm hold on his own as his soul travelled down his own bloodline. As new lands were discovered, they were brought into the fold under the ever industrious expansion of the Ever-and-Never Dying Emperor.   In recent times, conquest has proven more rare, as all the Empire's neighbours are either trapped firmly beneaths its boot or has been worked into the fold. An age of exploration has begun, great ships setting out in the winds every direction in the hopes of finding new land and riches for Great Leopold and his domain. Far to the east, one such land was found: Called the Unclaimed Frontier, with its surrounding archipelagos.   For a time, it seemed as if the Empire was gearing up to plant its flag upon this newly discovered region, yet then, the unexpected happened. In the northern reaches of Leopolara, in the very forgotten kingdom where Leopold himself had first struck out from, a figure had appeared. A woman, claiming herself to be Leopold reborn, and claiming further that the Leopold currently on the throne was an imposter. Worse still, she had the support both of the Irridescent and of a splinter group of the Orda Necraux itself.   And as civil war tore across the Empire of Leopolara, the first settlers and seamen of the Unclaimed Frontier saw their chance, and with the backing of the Storm Screamers, broke from the Empire, claiming their independence.   And you were one of them...