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Sun Stone

This rare gem is one of the most powerful gems on Eternity. In its found state, it resonates with arcane fire, and is warm to the touch. Fairly early in Eternity's history, wizards have used this gem for all things fire. However, being one of the most powerful casting materials, it is also one of the hardest to siphon. Siphoning is the process in which a caster uses a Theosite focusing item such as a wand, or staff to pull the arcane energy out of the casting material. Some such energies are pre-focused into a particular element. In this case, it is pre-focused into fire. The fire it can create knows no limits, as this is the only casting material that allows you to create more fire even after the gem has been absorbed by the spell. To do this, one must continuously focus on the spell.


Material Characteristics

It is a crystal that is constantly glowing orange, or red. If one looks closely, they may see the arcane fire raging within.

Physical & Chemical Properties

It is always warm to the touch, and is putting off sparks.

Geology & Geography

Though it is rare, small deposits of the gem can be found in almost every region of the known world.

History & Usage


The first wizards of Eternity found ways to use it almost immediately after its discovery within the first fifty years after arrival. Every nation, and culture has found uses for this gem.


It was originally discovered by a long-forgotten brimbarian wizard.

Everyday use

Every nation, and culture has found use for the gem. From creating fire on the battlefield, to stopping fire in cities. Any wizard strong enough to easily siphon the fire within

Cultural Significance and Usage

It has a place in every culture. Some as a symbol of light, others as a symbol of destruction, and few as a symbol of what they came from. Such as the Draconin call it the dragon gem, as they believe it has a direct connection to the original dragons from the Old World.


Sun Stone is a dangerous gem. If one fails to cast the spell, the gem will rupture, and explode. While the blast is relatively small, the caster could be gravely wounded if the shards of the gem were to cut an artery.


Law & Regulation

In the nations Brimbaria, Heodar, and Fafnia, it is illegal for any non-registered wizards to possess any quantity of the gem. In nations such as Doh'garus, or Midor, it can be bought from any magic shop without question, but is quite expensive.
A single Sun Stone is worth an upwards of 500 TC (Theosite Coins)
It is a very rare gem, rivaling gold in its rarity.
ranging between golden orange, and deep red.
Melting / Freezing Point
Impossible to melt, as it contains the fiercest of arcane fire.
Common State


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One Theosite coin is equal to 3 USD (U.S. Dollars) Basically, if they were on earth, one would buy you a couple Hershey bars. However, if the coin glows in your hand, it doubles its worth. Obviously, the price measurement I use is if the coin does not glow in the buyer's hand.

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