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Legends of Enoch

0220.221 DE

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Our Campaign Storyline

Arc 1: Of Meetings and Systems
Arc 2: Pirates, Pimps and Minotaurs
Arc 3: Juxtaposition

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What's The Premise behind LoE?
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The Drop

Player characters are traipsing about the edges of known space, discovering things, interacting with other (not always savory) folks, and doing stuff that People of Action and Legend do! Whatever your preference, you can probably find it in the LoE setting, though it is pretty much set in a Space Opera/Sci Fi kinda setting.   It's been a couple of centuries since we re-entered the stars from New Home : eploration and colonization have been the rule of the day. There are five other xeno races but it's heavily debated whether they are essentially still human or totally different since most have some amount of human genes... but then some don't really act too human, do they? And then twenty years ago we run into The Fringe. The Fringe is an area of space on the other side of New Home where we're finding evidence of other pre-Federacy civilizations, many that have been Slimed , and that's where things get really interesting. We've also found evidence of Xeno Civs - civilizations that aren't terrestrial in origin.   Continue this little story at The Drop     Legends of Enoch (LoE) setting is a "Lost-Terran Colonial Space Opera" setting in a Post-Apocalyptic / Mystery backdrop using the Fate Core Role Playing System. Within few limits, players can be virtually anything their hearts desire, especially if they invest in the story-lore of LoE, which is one of the reasons we created this Wiki.

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