Legends of Celesia A homebrew D&D 3.5 and Pathfinder 1E campaign setting

Earthday, Asmolan 1st, 108 6A

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Writers Team

The creator god Zhao-Khan, reborn as a Divine Mortal, waged a war of conquest upon the entirety of Celesia. Whole continents were conquered in his name by his armies. But he was not unopposed.   Heroes, scattered across the world, united together despite their differences to resist the the Exalted Tyrant's dominion. After many years of war, they succeeded in eliminating the Tyrant's generals, and struck down the Mortal God in a climatic battle!   In the aftermath, the world rebuilt itself, and the Tyrant's armies melted away. However, a new status quo emerged. In his defeat, Zhao-Khan attained his original goal. The god ascended to full divinehood, returning to his proper place in the pantheon of gods. The turmoil of the past age was over. It was the dawning of a new age, but it was also an Age of Reckoning. The future is open to all, but the fallout of the past remains present.   The year is 108 of the 6th Age, the Age of Reckoning. Welcome to the world of Celesia.