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Legacy of Sol

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"Legacy of Sol" is a science fiction setting focused on a hypothetical early expansion of mankind into outer space. It draws inspiration from a wide variety of sources and is intended to primarily feature the exceptional men and women that pilot the omnipresent military machines of war in the future: mechanized armors, or MAs. Enormous, bipedal tanks, or mechs, mechanized armors are versatile tools of war used in all branches of the military and beyond, and have taken center stage across the Solar System.   With the system divided between three main factions, and many more interspersed between them, tensions can reach a fever pitch at any moment. Warfare is a constant possibility, and how this affects human lives is another focus the setting is intended to explore.   Humanity has spread as far as Neptune, with colonies and space stations being built ever closer to the Kuiper Belt. New technologies are being developed constantly, and despite several interplanetary wars causing a great loss of life, the hopes and dreams of people that take to the stars sustains a population boom and economic nirvana that is able to fund expeditions so massive.   However, despite this growth, the seedy underbelly of society remains. Piracy and criminality persist on all fronts. Unethical behavior, immorality and sociological issues can be found among all walks of life, from the streets of Washington D.C. to the high-rising towers on Triton. Racism has taken on a new face, as ethnicity starts to blur and a dividing factor between cultures becomes more a matter of what colony you belong to, and how far removed you are from the embrace of Earth, than the tone of your skin or sexual preference. The same ugly beast, a different hide.   Before long, humanity will find itself on the threshold of the sun's reach, looking out towards stars and clusters beyond our own, determined to be Sol's legacy.

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