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Where there’s a party, there you are. You know how to talk to people and get your way with them. It’s not about your social class, although that might play a part, or about the money you’ve got, although you know how to look good. You’ve got a magnetic personality and people know you, and, crucially, want to know you.  

You could be a street-level face for a gang, a charming crook with a heart of gold, or a silver-spoon-sucking heir to power. Whichever side of the tracks you’re from, you know how to work a room and get people talking.


Socialite Talent

Requirement: Communication and Perception 2 or higher.  

You’re skilled at navigating society.


Novice: Your natural charm causes people to like you and want to be on your side. You may perform the On the Fence stunt for 1 SP rather than the usual 2.
Journeyman: When you attempt a detailed social maneuver (see the social manoeuvring rules in Chapter 2), you require one fewer shifts (to a minimum of 1) to succeed. If the situation requires only a simple social maneuver, add +1 to your roll.
Master: Wherever you go, you fit in with ease. When you interact with people who would have an attitude of Neutral or worse toward you, they automatically shift one step in your favor. This benefit disappears if subjects feel physically threatened, however.

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