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While the Gunfighter dazzles with displays of speed and accuracy at short range, it’s the Sniper who makes the hardest shots, with patience and the steadiest of hands.  

You might stalk game for food, or hunt the most dangerous game of all (and in a fantastical setting, that’s not necessarily humans). A Sniper could be an assassin or someone trained in supplying covering fire. A Sniper could work for the police, military, or some admired or loathed informal militia.


Sniper Talent

Requirement: Accuracy 3 or higher and the Accuracy (Longarms) focus.  

You are a crack shot.


Novice: You know how to quietly set up a decisive shot on an unaware target. If you’re hidden from your target, you can re-roll your first Accuracy (Longarms) attack during an encounter, but you must keep the results of the second roll.
Journeyman: You know how to wait for a perfect shot to present itself. If you use the Aim action to benefit an attack with Accuracy (Longarms), add a bonus to damage equal to the attack roll bonus Aim provides. This includes any bonus from the Precision Marksmanship stunt.
Master: You are a deadly, remorseless shot. When you are using the Accuracy (Longarms) focus, you can perform the Called Shot stunt for 2 SP instead of the usual 4.

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