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The Twins

Purpose / Function

The Twins were meant as a measure of caution and were therefore primarily designed to be watchtowers. Normally, there would be six men stationed on each tower to keep watch in shifts at all times, but in the event of an attack a significant amount of soldiers could be accomodated.


These towers were built for a specific purpose and without any embellishments. In their prime, the Twins were large, fortified watchtowers. Even though they were mostly designed as watchtowers, they were built to be able to withstand the event of an attack. They had thick walls and, aside from the very top, had only small arrow slits for defense.


Up until the construction of the lighthouse of Iocea in 235 CE, the acadean empire mostly spread to the east around the Sea of Fire. In the years leading up to the construction of the Twins, the imperial army had conquered most of Leanor. Only the region of modern-day Urtheon, which at the time was inhabited by a race of warriors, had not yet been conquered. This was mostly due to rumours of their supposed invincibility.

Because of this, the Emperor decreed that there should be some way of watching the border and, at the edge of Leas Dimeathris, construction of the Twins began. Two identical guard towers were built at the western edge of the Dark Forest, one north of the Bearith, one to the south. The towers were in use for quite a while before Urtheon was finally conquered as well. After the conquest, the towers were abandoned and slowly fell into ruin. Nowadays, nearly a thousand years after their construction, there's barely a trace of the once mighty towers visible.

Unknown date
Founding Date
approx. 280
Alternative Names
Twin Towers
Parent Location
Owning Organization

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