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"Everyone keeps babbling on about how heroic his actions were and how he acted in the spirit of his ancestor Riarcos and all that, but I don't see a reason to kneel to him." Nicoleas said.

"Now, son, he single-handedly finished a battle in which you didn't exactly cover yourself in glory." Thameos reprimanded him.

"Fine, maybe what he did was heroic, but you know what else? It was impulsive, reckless and plain stupid. What would have happened if he'd lost?" Nicoleas spoke up.

"In that case I would have lost not only Eleonis, but Lupear and Aguilear as well, I'm aware of that. Yes, brother, it was a gamble, and a risky one at that, but it was a chance I was willing to take. If I hadn't we might still be fighting and losing people by the minute, and if everyone's dead, who would we be winning for?" Jon replied from the other end of the table, but loud enough for Nicoleas to hear him clearly.

"Brother." Nicoleas huffed, "Just because you happen to be married to my sister you#re not my brother. Call me that again and I'll come over there and smash your royal face in."

"Go right ahead, just remember that that didn't go too well for the last person who tried that." Jon said jokingly. Nicoleas got up in rage.

"Are you threatening me?" he yelled.

"Not yet." Jon said calmly.

"I sure hope so." Nicoleas hissed and sat back down.

"Hot-headed fool." Mireanda said quietly. Jon nodded in agreement.

"But he's not entirely wrong. Duelling Iohan really was impulsive and risky and a little bit stupid, and if I had lost, we'd have a real problem now." Jon said.

"It's a good thing my brother didn't hear that, otherwise he'll go back to thinking he's oh so wise and knows absolutely everything better just because he's a few years older than you, and I couldn't stand that right now." Mireanda said.

"The good part is that I currently have every opportunity to put him in his place." Jon smirked.

"And every right. Not that you didn't outrank him before, but you get my meaning." Mireanda agreed.

Completion Date
February 2nd, 1218

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