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"Those bloody midges, I swear, at some point they're going to eat us alive." Lona complained while squashing one of them on her arm.

"Agreed." Mireanda said, scratching a bite on her hand. Zairah got up and looked around, then she picked something up off the ground. She sat back down holding a small, inconspicuous snail.

"Here, put some of the slime on your bites." she said.

"Are you serious? That's supposed to help?" Lona asked.

"Trust me, it helps, for a while anyway." Zairah said and carefully handed tha snail to Mireanda, who applied the slime to the bite she had been scratching and then made a surprised face.

"She's right, it actually does help." she agreed.

Completion Date
August, 1217

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