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Sea of Fire

The Sea of Fire is located in the east of Leanor with Baitha to its north and Valeor to the south. Its western part is surrounded by the Dragon's Ridge. It is an area of much history, connected to many stories, myths and legends.


The western and southern part Sea of Fire is largely surrounded by the Dragon's Ridge. Due to the volcanic nature of these mountains, the beaches in these areas are known for their black sand. The mountains in most places start right at the edge of the water with just a narrow strip of beach at the very bottom of the cliffs, if any. The sea level doesn't change too much with the tides.

The eastern parts of the Sea of Fire are a stark contrast to the rugged, dangerous western part. This area is known for its many beautiful islands with picturesque villages, stunning landscapes and brilliant blue water.

Localized Phenomena

The shorelines of the Sea of Fire have changed often and dramatically in the parts of the shore closest to the volcanic Dragon's Ridge. The most recent of those dramatic changes was the series of eruptions that destroyed the city of Acadea and with it the acadean Empire, after which even sailors who had navigated the area frequently before said they barely recognized the shore.

The sea itself is known to be particularly unpredictable with storms and heavy sea seemingly appearing and disappearing out of nowhere, especially in the winter months.


Despite its dangers and unruly nature, the Sea of Fire was part of some very important trading routes, especially during the time of the acadean Empire, which at the height of its existance ruled most of the regions all around the Sea of Fire, resulting in most of the Acadean trade being realized by ship.

However, it is and always was considered a rather dangerous sea to be sailed due to its rapidly changing weather and wave conditions. Nowadays, after it lost its importance in both politics and trade, at least the section near the Dragon's Ridge is mostly avoided by ships of any kind.


Sailors of any kind are known to be a supersticious bunch, so among them, all kinds of stories and legends are known about the western part of the Sea of Fire, providing further reason to avoid the area. This can make it difficult to even get into these parts, and those who want to go there are mostly people seeking the thrill of an adventure or knowledge about the city of Acadea and the secrets within.

The eastern part of the sea on the other hand is considered beautiful and worth travelling to for exploration and leisure, if one has the necessary time and wealth to do so. If you were to go there from west of the Dragon's Ridge, you'd most likely travel by land to avoid sailing through the rougher parts.
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