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Riarcos Angeleos

Riarcos Angeleos

Riarcos was the Lord of a small lordship named Angeleor in the kingdom of Eleonis during the time of the Great War. When the war closed in on the three southern kingdoms of Leanor and their alliance was formed, Riarcos was one of the first Lords to pledge his sword and his army to the eleonian King. In the battles that followed, he quickly made a name for himself as a brave, loyal and strong warrior. Soon, he was promoted to General of the royal army.

History, unfortunately, doesn't reveal much about him personally, but this much is known: Riarcos Angeleos was born on August 2nd 1079 CE as the first son of the Lord and Lady of Angeleor, which was not the capital of Eleonis at that time. His mother died from a fever when he was young. In 1101 CE, his father passed from a hunting accident, making him Lord at about 22 years of age. By all accounts, he was considered a fair, strong and kind leader.

The moment in which he made history occured during the final battle of the Great War. The battle had come to a standstill due to the death of the eleonian King and his heirs as well as the urtheonian's need to regroup. Neither party was particularly eager to get back into a full-scale battle, since neither side seemed anywhere near a victory. In a bold move, Riarcos volunteered to sacrifice himself to end the war by challenging the urtheonian King, a man similar in age and skill, to single combat. He managed to kill his adversary, thereby ending the war with a victory for the three kingdoms. Unfortunately, he was injured severely, so he succumbed to his wounds later that same day.

His legacy, however, lives on to this day. After the war, the eleonian Lords came together to crown a new King. In honour of his bravery and sacrifice, those who had been there and seen Riarcos single-handedly end a war, voted for Riarcos' first son, Ealdir Angeleos, who accepted the honour. His descendants have been Kings of Eleonis ever since.

Previously Held Ranks & Titles
Date of Birth
2nd August 1079
Date of Death
16th July 1115
1079 CE 1115 CE 36 years old
Circumstances of Death
Severe injuries following a duel.
Place of Death
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