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In the coronation ceremony, Jon was presented with the royal insignia underneath the old King's Oak in the courtyard, the ancient eleonian crown and, ever since the great war, after which House Angeleos became the ruling family of Eleonis, the sword of the lion, a legendary blade that had never seen battle.

It had been made nearly a hundred years ago to commemorate the valor of Lord Riarcos Angeleos, Jon's great-great-great-grandfather, who had sacrificed himself to avoid further bloodshed and thereby ended the great war, but the previous King and all his heirs had fallen in the war, so there was nobody left to inherit the throne. Due to Riarcos' heroism, it was decided to put House Angeleos in charge of the kingdom.

Jon resisted the urge to draw the sword to look at it. Now wasn't the time. Instead, he put the sword on his belt. The end of the sheath touched the floor, since he was still a little too short to carry a sword this size, so, without attracting attention, he placed his left hand on the silver lion's head that made up the pommel to stop the sword from dragging on the ground when he walked.

He turned around to the crowd. Now was the moment for him to draw the sword and kneel, the sword stuck perpendicularly in the ground, his hands on the handle, to recite the old coronation vow. After the words were said, the crown was placed on his head and he rose as Ionathar Angeleos, King of Eleonis, the youngest King Eleonis had ever had.

While he stood there, the crowd knelt, a gesture that nowadays, outside of the traditional coronation ceremony, was an extremely rare manifestation of the utmost respect. He sheathed the blade.

"Rise." he said simply, the traditional first official command of the new ruler, and they did rise. He walked up to the crowd, who opened a path for him. Ameada and Eleona followed him through it, and after them the rest of those present. They followed him up into the keep, up the stairs and to the throne room, where he would now take his lawful place as King. As soon as he sat down, the room broke into applause and cheering.

Completion Date
July 19th, 1213
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