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Not long after, Iohan snuck into Jon's room, his bloodied dagger hidden behind his back. He noticed that the bed was empty and was about to wonder, where the boy had gone, when he heard the door snap shut and a key turned in the lock. Cursing, but to no avail, he pounded on the firmly shut oakwood door.

"Jon, what's going on here?" Ameada asked sleepily, awoken by the sudden commotion.

"Iohan, he wants to kill us all. He stabbed father." Jon explained, his words and voice all over the place. Ameada froze for a split second, before pure rage took over her thoughts. She stormed to the quarters of the royal guard, where Captain Calain slept. She shook him awake, ordered him to grab some shackles and charged back to Jon's room. She grabbed Jon's key and burst into the room.

Iohan was so perplexed he couldn't even think of defending himself before he was disarmed and in chains. Out in the hall, he'd expected to see a terrified Jon huddled in some corner, but instead, the boy stood his ground and stared daggers at him, not even a trace of fear in his bright eyes.
Completion Date
july 17th, 1213
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