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First Battle of the Angeleor Fields

The first battle of the Angeleor Fields took place in October of 1217 in the fields north of Angeleor. If Iohan's plan would have worked the way he expected, this battle would not have happened, but after Jon, Eleona, Zairah and Mireanda had confronted him about his plans, he was pressured into acting prematurely, so, as soon as the wound on his leg inflicted by Zairah's fireberry arrow had healed enough for him to lead the campaign, he marched his urtheonian army to Angeleor to finish, what he started.

Due to the small size of the attacking force, it was possible for the eleonian army to use a kind of pincer move to surround the attackers on three sides, forcing them to either all be killed or retreat. Iohan made the choice to fall back and return to Soane for the time being and to work on a larger attacking force for his planned attack early in the coming year. Ionathar also started working on alliances, because he knew that Iohan would return with a much stronger force.

While this battle had virtually no impact on the actual outcome of the War of the Lions, it was an important setup for the final battle and gave the respective sides a little bit of insight into their opponents strategy and style of fighting.
Conflict Type
Start Date
23rd October 1217

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