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Flanked by his mother and sister, Jon stepped out onto the landing of the stairs outside the keep. He looked down at the sheer amount of soldiers filling the courtyard, looking up at the three of them expectantly. Even King Maorcas and King Thameos seemed to wait for him to take the lead, as did Milnor, Zairah and the other Dragons, who stood off to the side.

"You should say something." Ameada suggested.

"And what should I say?" Jon asked back quietly.

"I don't know, try to inspire them." Ameada said.

"I don't know how to do that." Jon said, but he turned to the assembled people down in the courtyard. He took a deep breath, tried to put on a brave façade and adressed them.

"Soldiers." he began, and his soft, clear voice echoed through the quiet morning air, "Four years ago, in this very courtyard, my father was murdered by his own brother. Instead of executing him, I banished him from this kingdom, and now he is coming to put an end to his sentence and gain power for himself, not only in Eleonis, but in Lupear and Aguilear as well.

Today, he stands outside Angeleor's gates to attack us and to make our lands his own, but we cannot and will not allow that. I can not and will not allow it. Therefore, we stand together, three kings, three kingdoms, three peoples, to defend our freedom, as we did a hundred years ago, when once before an enemy from marched south from Urtheon to do us harm.

None of us asked for this war, but it is here, so let us face it. Let us go out there and face this battle. We will not be overcome by a vengeful murderer and his slaves. Let us fight, and let us win.

Let us not just fight to preserve freedom for ourselves, let us also fight to restore the freedom of those whose freedom was taken away by our enemy, for Baitha, for Valeor, for the lands north of the Icy Mountains. Aguilear, Lupear, Dragons, Eleonis! Fight with me, fight for each other and for those who can't fend for themselves. Today will be the day our future will be decided. Let us fight for freedom today so we may live in peace tomorrow." Cheers and applause followed Jon's speech.

"Don't know what to say, huh?" Lona taunted him.

"Shut up, let's go." Jon said. He forged ahead, down the stairs, and led the army through the city and out of the northern gate.

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