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Jon was surprised to see one of his guards escort Milnor Soanis into the throne room. Milnor went for a deep bow as a greeting.

"So, Milnor Soanis, might I ask what you're doing here?" Jon asked.

"Well, your Majesty, I can no longer tolerate your uncle's actions. He kept forcing me to do as he pleased, but he went too far." Milnor replied.

"Too far how?" Jon inquired.

"I'm not sure I want everyone here to know about that." Milnor said evasively. Jon nodded, and with a simple motion of his head, he dismissed all the guards. Moments later, they were alone.

"Now that we're alone, please let go of the formalities, it's still Jon for you." Jon clarified, "Now, tell me. What made you change your mind?"

"As you probably already know, I never liked Iohan. The second I heard him talk, I knew he was bad news." Milnor began, "His plans and the way he killed and enslaved all those people and what he did to Zairah, none of that sat well with me."

"But that's not it." Jon said.

"No, it's not, and now that you're asking me like this, I'm not sure I can talk about it." Milnor said.

"Please, try. Whatever it is, I won't judge." Jon asked.

"Fine, I'll try." Milnor decided, "Back in Soane, I had a boyfriend. No one knew about him, because that sort of thing is still punishable by death in Urtheon. We kept meeting in secret. His mother saw us once, but she didn't tell anyone. After I returned from the battle Iohan forced me to fight in, we became less careful. Somebody probably saw us and ratted us out. You should have seen the loathing in my mother's eyes." Milnor had to pause.

"Normally they would have had us both executed, but I'm my mother's only heir, so she couldn't very well kill me. But with him they did what they do, they chained him up and tossed him in the lake to drown, and Iohan made me watch. I left Soane that day." he continued, tears rising into his eyes.

"What was his name?" Jon asked gently.

"Alatheas." Milnor said, and his voice changed when he said the name, "Al for short. You might have met him. He was the innkeeper's son at the Black Bear."

"Yes." Jon nodded, "I remember him. He seemed kind."

"He was." Milnor agreed, "And gentle and beautiful and funny."

"You really loved him, didn't you?" Jon asked. Milnor nodded.

"Still do." he said.

Completion Date
December 1st, 1217
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